Beetle Frenzy Slots Online

Not to be confused with the early 90s Sega video game Battle Frenzy, nor having anything to do with the fan club of the famous rock band of the same name, the Beetle Frenzy slot may at first glance look like a 3-reel slot. However, Net Entertainment has designed this sophisticated slot machine to spins each reel vertically as well as horizontally, thus, making this a 9-reel slot with 5 paylines and mystery multiplier payouts. In addition, the slot boasts three amazing bonus rounds and a jackpot worth a maximum $25,000. Although the graphics are basic, they are still attractive, and the sound effects are nothing less than intriguing. Available in instant play and Mac compatible.

The regular symbols include pink, blue, and red flowers; beetle; milkweed bug; lady bug; stink bug; and mushroom with a wild symbol in the form of a lightning bug. The other symbol is the gold apple scatter. To achieve a super win, nine gold apple scatter symbols must appear. When nine blue flowers show up, payouts are 500 times the first bet. In this slot, these are the highest wins.

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  • Betting Options

    The game has wagers capped at $25, which start with one cent bets.

    One unique feature of Bettle Frenzy is that the spin button not only spins the reels, but stops them as well. If you are vigilant enough, this kill stop feature can pay great dividends. Or just let them spin and then stop automatically as in normal slot play.

    Beetle Frenzy Features

    Plenty of greenery surrounds the reels, with lime colored graphics giving insight into the routine of the beetle. Each reel features creepy crawlies, and these are not just beetles; you will spot flowers, lady birds, and a trio of various beetles on reels (milk, stink, and common) that flush when there is a winning combination.

    Using the icon at the bottom right, you can access the pay table. The pay table has four screens and shows the different available prizes, plus the features that can be triggered during spins.

    Net Entertainment understands that variety is a spice of life, and they go right ahead to provide three bonus games in just this one slot. To win one lucky spin, each of the four identical icons should land on each one of the four corners. This will re-spin the central reel that may generate a bonus win in the end.

    Two other bonus games play on the second screen. The first game is awarded when the three jar icons show up on the payline and is referred to as the bug collector. When three flowers appear on the payline, you are awarded a flower bonus round. Both games pay well, and they offer a breath of fresh air.

    How to Play Beetle Frenzy

    This slot machine features five essential buttons used to control play:

    Bet level – The number of coins you choose to bet, which range between 1 and 5.

    Pay table – Allows you to view information related to the game and the associated winning combinations.

    Coin value – Indicates the value of the coin; options range between $0.10 and $5.

    Spin symbol – For spinning the reels at the present coin value and betting level.

    Max bet – Maximizes the bet level and spins the reels at the max coin value.

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    Bonus Features

    Beetle Frenzy comes with three fascinating bonus features: the Flower Frenzy, Lucky Spin, and the Bug Collection bonus features. To activate the lucky spin feature, the four middle-side symbols or all the four corners should feature the same symbols. The player gets a reward of one additional spin on a middle reel. On the other hand, the other two bonanza games include the second screen games. Three bug jar symbols will trigger the bonus feature of bug collectors and three flowers of a similar color will trigger the flower frenzy bonus.

    Beetle Frenzy is an instant-play casino game and therefore is Mac compatible. It is currently not available on mobile.