Aliens Slot from NetEnt

There are literally thousands of online slots out there, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this movie based slot by NetEnt has the best opening sequence you’ll see in slot gaming.

The dark and tense animation shows a spacecraft landing on a planet, before eventually revealing the ‘Alien’ in all its evil glory.  This sets the tone for the slot perfectly, which has the same brooding and malevolent mood found in the animation.

You’ll find the reels filled by a selection of Alien images at all stages of life, starting as an egg all the way through to the fully grown versions of the fearsome creatures.


How to Win on Aliens

The base game in ‘Aliens’ is much like any other at first, as you’ll need to land three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line to earn a payout. There are ten alien symbols in total and you’ll find that the payouts increase as the aliens become larger. The highest paying alien symbol is the fully grown one with a red colored edging which pays out 1,000 coins for the maximum 5 in a row, while the lowest paying is a simple egg, which has a payout of 30 coins for hitting the maximum 5.

However, the standard payouts you’ll win are only a small part of the base game. Above the reels you’ll find a meter with 9 empty slots. Every time you land a win, each of the winning symbols will mean one of the slots is filled. Wilds are excluded from this count – so if you were to hit three in a row using a wild, two of the slots are filled, while four in a row with no wilds will see 4 of the slots filled. The slots are actually filled with a symbol, the same symbol that appears alongside the alien images, these being either a series of bars or circular targets. Every time you have a losing spin, one of the filled slots will now disappear, but any that remain will have an added multiplier if you manage to win with the same symbol.

Aliens Slot Features over Multiple Levels

When the game starts you’ll be automatically assigned to level 1, but you’ll head to level 2 when all of the slots of the meter become filled. This is where the action really cranks up as you’ll find video animation of yourself in a tunnel with a firearm, ready to blast those Aliens.

In this round you’ll win coins every time you shoot one of the aliens, while hoping you won’t run out of ammo. Fortunately, you can gain additional ammo randomly, meaning this round can last for a while.

If you are lucky enough to shoot all of the aliens, you’ll progress to level 3, which is known as the Hive. This is the end game, where you’ll attempt to destroy the Queen Hive with a grenade. Here you’ll have 5 re-spins and if you manage your aim, not only will victory be yours, but you’ll also gain the maximum credits in this round.

Dark Design and Slot Setup

After the brilliant opening animation, you’ll find yourself on a remote planet, with smoke blowing across the dark grey/blue scene. The symbols are all brilliantly designed and you’ll find none of the usual playing card fillers here. Enter level 2 or 3 and you’ll find some movie-like animation, which only enhances the game, as does the brilliant nerve-inducing soundtrack which plays throughout.

Take away the Alien theme and you’ve actually got yourself something of a standard 5 reel slot, with a total of 15 win lines. You’ll choose the bet level meaning you can play for any multiple of 15 credits up to 150 (hitting max bet sets it automatically to 150), while you’ll also choose the coin value which ranges from just 1c all the way through to a dollar. The auto play option allows you to set the slot in motion for 10, 25, 50 or 75 spins without interruption.

Overall Experience

It can be difficult for a movie spin-off to work at an online slot, but here NetEnt have to be congratulated on doing a fine job. This slot has the same menacing atmosphere of the films, while the visuals are just perfect throughout, really upping the ante when you move to levels 2 and 3. There is much more to this slot than many others too, so your brain will have to be engaged too, meaning it will keep your interest much longer than rival games.

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