Win Spinner Slots

Win Spinner slots is a video slots game created by gaming software giants, Microgaming. Microgaming is known for creating five reel slots which are packed with animation and filled with exciting features. However, the software company have decided to go back to the drawing board to release a slot game that is more similar to regular slot machines. This slot is one of the basic online slot games that you will find on the internet. It is a three reel, one payline slot, which has the same configuration of a normal slot machine in a land casino. The symbols are the standard fruit images with the cherry being the most valuable one.

Brief overview of features

With three reels and one payline, Win Spinner slots is one of the few online slot games from Microgaming that has this setup. Although the interface and layout has a simplistic design, this is one of the first games that Microgaming has released which does not have an outlying theme or dramatic animation. Players who have visited a casino and have played on the slot machines will find this game more interesting as it is has the same look and feel. Players will be attracted to the game’s maximum win of a 500 multiplier which can be won with one coin. There are also exciting bonus features in the game which gives the player a chance to double his/her winnings without having to spending a single coin.


How to play and real money versions

Win Spinner is an online slot game which can be found in many online casinos. Players must register themselves with a casino in order to play this game. Once the player has registered with the online casino, he/she can start the game. The player must choose the coin denomination by toggling the coin sizes from anywhere between $0.10 and $10 per spin. As there is only one payline, the player can hit the spin button after he/she has set the coin denomination. The player must land a winning combination in a spin for the game to give a payout. The more the player bets in the game, the higher is the chance to land a win. However, there is no fixed guaranteed win for players. Players must know that each symbol in the game does not give the same payout. The Cherry symbol gives a higher payout than the Orange or the Watermelon symbol.

There are two features in the game that are not available in five reel slots. The first one is the hold feature. By activating the hold button, the player can lock a reel in its position and spin the reel to make a winning combination. The second one is the nudge feature. If the player is not satisfied with the results of the spin, he can hit the nudge button where it will spin a couple more times before stopping. The points won using these two features are added to the overall total. There are no bonus features in the game which reduces its attractiveness, but getting the 500x multiplier is definitely worth a shot for all players.

Mobile compatibility

There is no mobile version for the game as yet.

The Win Spinner Slots is a very addictive three reel slots game. Although there is lack of features, animation and attractive prizes in the game, it is a great game for those who are not used slots. It is also an easier way of earning money as the coin denominations are very low but the wins are very high. Overall, the game is still one of the most played three reel slots in the market.

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