So Many Monsters Slots

A slot by the name of ‘So Many Monsters’ might have you feeling a little concerned, as being surrounded by monsters is not something you would normally encounter on your average day. However, the moment you see these monsters, you should be OK, as they represent the least scary looking bunch in the history of monsters (and that history stretches back a long way!). There are five on the reels, which include one that looks like a slightly mad but happy red frog, a yellow character with far too many eyes and a blue monster who has a hairstyle from the 1970’s. Despite being a 5 reel slot, you’ll be able to gain a 25 in a row win – this because each of the characters has the ability to multiply into as many as 5 monsters.

Each of the monsters is designed in a cartoon style in bright and bold colours and are joined by the equally colourful playing card letters, these all providing a nice contrast to the dark purple background. A single green eye resides on the reels too, while the final symbol is the title surrounded by a slimy, green substance. Unlike some other slots, this game doesn’t feel crowded at all, with a small control panel and the focus being on the large reels. The accompanying sound is a gentle tune which manages to be a little quirky, while suggesting a certain level of mystery – perfect for the game.

Playing So Many Monsters

At first glance this slot seems much like many others, with five reels and a set number of 25 win lines. However one look at the monsters section of the pay table tells a very different story. You’ll need to land at least six in a row on a win line to gain a win, which might seem a little difficult at a 5 reel slot. However, when three or more monsters line up on a win line, they each have the ability to split into more. For example, you might land three in a row, but these three might split into 3, 4 and 5 monsters, giving you a 12 monster line. The maximum pay-out is 25 in a row, achieved when hitting 5 in a row and each splits into 5.

With such long win lines possible, you’ll find much higher pay-outs here than you usually would. 25 of the red froglike monster in a row pays an amazing 16,000 coins, while the other creatures pay out between 14,000 and 8,000 coins as a maximum. The playing card symbols actually play normally and you’ll gain a win with these if you manage to land 3, 4 or 5 in a row on a win line.

The title symbol is the wild and will substitute for any other symbol on the reels apart from the scatter, although if substituting for a monster, it will represent just one symbol and not be able to split into more. This wild is also high paying too and if you do manage to land five in a row you’ll profit to the tune of 7,500 coins.

Of all the symbols at the slot, it might be the lone eye which is perhaps the eeriest, especially when it blinks when coming to a stop on the reels. This is the scatter symbol of the game and pays out an immediate win when appearing twice or more across any of the reels. However, should you land three or more you’ll enter the free spins feature.

Upon entering the feature you’ll have to choose one of the five monsters. During the free spins, the monster you select will replace all of the others, so the reels will be filled with your selected character, alongside the playing card symbols. The number of spins you’ll have is dependent upon the value of the monster – the highest paying red frog symbol giving you 8 free spins, while the lowest paying blue 1970’s hairstyle symbol giving you 16 free spins.

There are a great number of slots out there which play in a similar way, especially when it comes to the base game. This certainly cannot be said about ‘So Many Monsters’. Watching the monsters line up and then seeing them split into a great many more is certainly exciting and adds an extra dimension not found elsewhere online. MicroGaming have designed a truly original game here that keeps players engaged throughout, as a huge win in only ever one click of the spin button away.

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