Pub Fruity Slots

Designed by Microgaming, Pub Fruity is one of the most popular fruit slots available today. The game includes a fresh and graphically rich environment that features a fruit machine in a pub. Microgaming has always been known for providing high quality games and Pub Fruity’s simplistic appeal has won several accolades for the developer.

Microgaming is a UK based gaming company known for creating games with excellent graphics. They have been responsible for designing several award-winning games by implementing a range of technologies that include Java, HTML5, Adobe Flash and so on. Their simplistic three-reel variant Pub Fruity is also designed exceptionally well with crisp graphics and an intriguing gameplay that will keep you glued to the game for hours at end. Microgaming slot games can be played on both, Mac and Windows. The Pub Fruity game can also be played on any smartphone that runs either on Android or iOS.


The slot game Pub Fruity is among the most simplest games to be ever designed by Microgaming. The game includes an interesting pub environment with beautifully designed visuals and graphics that make this game hard to resist. The screen includes a minimum number of buttons along with the “spin” which can be used to spin the reels. Some of the other choices you obtain includes the +/- buttons that you can use to choose the number of coins for your bet. As the game is a three reel one playline game, there aren’t a lot of parameters to fiddle with.

The denominations in the game vary between $0.10 and $10 for every spin. The maximum payout included in the game is 250x your bet. However, in combination with other bonuses, you can win a maximum of 500x your bet. This means at a maximum bet of $10 for a spin, you can win a maximum of $5000 when playing the slot game Pub Fruity



Unlike most of the other three-reel slot games, Pub Fruity features two interesting bonus games that go by the names Dart Contest bonus and the Drinks Trail bonus. To trigger the Drinks Trail bonus game, you will require a combination of at least one Drinks Trail symbol on the payline. This game includes several features and rewards that you can obtain depending on your position on the Drink Trail. Some of the rewards include free spins and there is also a guaranteed win spin in the game. However, you can also not win anything if you land at Blank Drink. Some of the other rewards include a multiplier that can go up to 100x you bet and a Bonus Nudge where you can nudge the reels using the beer tap symbols and land favorable symbols for bigger rewards.

This bonus game also includes a 500x jackpot and a feature known as Stoppa Win that moves you up and down the Drinks Trail at random with a guaranteed win. This round is known as the Cocktail Shaker and you get a least one free spin with a guaranteed win during this round.

The second bonus game in Pub Fruity is the Darts Match bonus round. The reels include dart symbols that are used as a combination to activate this bonus round. Whenever you obtain three darts on the reels, the dart rack will light up and the bonus round would be activated. You will now have to choose a player that you think may win you the maximum score from throwing the darts. This is also a guaranteed win type of game and first place will award you 1,000x multiplier, second place a 100x multiplier and the third place will award you a 50x multiplier.

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