Party Time Slots

If you are in the mood for a slot gaming experience that is as simple and uncomplicated as they come nowadays, Party Time is perfect for you. The game, developed by Microgaming, is one of the traditional games available for play online yet is still extremely popular even amongst the most avid gamblers.

Do not expect to be wowed by beautiful graphics, intricate plot lines or attractive bonus features. The game is designed for individuals who are simply looking for a basic gambling experience and to increase their winnings without the glamor behind gambling.

Slot theme

One of the key reasons why this game has remained so popular despite the fact that it is stripped down to its bare minimum is because of its jackpot feature. The most ambitious of players can sit for hours on end, spinning wheel after wheel just to hit the maximum jackpot that the game offers. That being said, this is not to take anything away from the fact that many of the game’s aesthetic features have been crafted to enthrall the player. From the symbols all the way to the layout of the game, players will be captivated by wonderful use of color and design. Despite the fact the game plays on the conventional Vegas-style bar theme, it somehow never seems to get old.


Key features of the slot

Party time offers three different reels, and a number of card symbols. However, like in most modern slots, it is not the card symbols that generate the highest payouts but the bar-related symbols. There is no wild or scatter symbols in the game. A player will trigger winning payouts depending on the importance of the symbols in the game. Symbols will range from Cherries, to Martini glasses, to Jukeboxes and Champagne bottles. There is even an “Any Bar” symbol.

However, if you are looking to win big from this game, there is only one symbol that you will have your eye on. This is the “Party Time” title symbol. When a player manages to activate three individual Party Time symbols across the reels, he/she will immediately activate the jackpot. Doing so, will gift a 9,000 coin jackpot to every player. The maximum jackpot of 9,000 coins, though, will only be triggered if a player has set the maximum bet on each reel. The maximum bet in Party Time is three coins. Coin denominations in the game will range anywhere between $0.25 to $5.00. This ensures that any player, conservative or risky, will find the game both attractive and lucrative.

Winnings in the game are paid out based on the payout table that will always be visible to every player at all times. Apart from the ‘Party Time’ symbol, other more lucrative symbols include the Jukebox, the Seven, and the Champagne bottle.

Before beginning the game, players will be made to choose the amount of coins that they are going to bet per line. Once this is complete, they will be requested to spin the reels and await winning payout combinations.

Gaming experience

Although this game certainly strays away from the more modern format of an online video slot game, it will still manage to keep you entertained for hours. Moreover, since the jackpot can only be triggered when a player has bet the maximum possible, it also conveniently integrates a ‘Bet Max’ option, meaning that the player need not manually set his/her bet for every single spin. This is ideal for players who are looking to earn big and do so quickly.

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