Today I wanted to discuss two different types of multi wheel slots from Microgaming. Both are innovative, yet they each come from completely different gaming concepts. One is meant to connect the slots players to other Internet gamblers, while the other seeks to provide a single, solitary slots gambler with the ultimate in immersive, high impact fruit machine gaming. The two multi-wheel slots gaming ideas I want to discuss are the increasingly popular multi-player slots and the more mainstream concept of Megaspin slots. Microgaming has taken the lead in both arenas among the online casino software development companies.

What Are Multi-Player Slots?

Multi-player slots let you enjoy fruit machine gaming in a virtual room full of real players. Connectivity and interactivity join together to allow gamblers a unique social experience while playing the slots. Join in chats with the community of Wheel of Wealth players, while sharing in any bonuses with all the other players in the room.

I love this idea. In many ways, multi-player games bring the slot machine gambler the kind of experience craps players have shared all along. When shooting craps, most of the players at the table have bet synergy, so they win or lose together. Craps is a social experience, but slots players tend to be withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of the live gaming tables in the casino. Fruit machine players tend to be solitary, private, and cut-off from the rest of the casino. If you enjoy playing the slots, but would like to meet a few online friends while you gamble, multi-player slots from Microgaming let you give it a try.

Multi-Player Slots from Microgaming

At present, Microgaming offers 4 different multi-player slots games you can enjoy. By far the best-known is the Wheel of Wealth Multi-Player game, which is found in about half of the casinos in the Microgaming software development empire. If you want the full gaming experience of playing slots with a whole room full of slots gamblers, I suggest you try the basic Wheel of Wealth multi-wheel slots game. The WoW Special Edition is starting to be picked up by more Microgaming casinos, so it should be your second option. Here are the four multi-player games by Microgaming.

  • Wheel of Wealth Slots
  • Wheel of Wealth Special Edition
  • Multiplayer Isis Slot
  • No Worries Multiplayer Slot

These have proven popular and other game design companies have begun to rush out their own versions of these games. For instance, Playtech released Fishing With Buddies Multiplayer on December 29, 2011. Playtech also offers games like Everybody’s Jackpot and Multi Ball Slots. The highly-respected Vegas Technology has gotten on-board with Holiday Feast Slots. ISS has its own Intergalactic Spin Station Online Slot, which uses proprietary software to power their multi-player game.

Mazooma Interactive Games has really taken up the challenge. Mazooma offers 4 different multi-player slots, including Community Toss the Monkey, Community Funfair, Community Cops ‘n’ Robbers, and Community Snakes & Ladders. Virtual Fusion offers Clover Countdown, while Simbat offers Jingle Scratch Multi-Slots and Sheriff Gaming offers the Amsterdam Masterplan Multi-Player slots game. I don’t usually mention companies out of the mainstream, but I wanted to point out that multi-player slots are starting to pick up steam and leading companies like Microgaming and Playtech are on the cutting edge of this new trend.

Many slot machine gamblers enjoy their privacy. They might be solitary and withdrawn, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Slots row is full of people who like a good gamble, but would prefer to make friends at work or around the neighborhood–certainly somewhere outside the casino. For them, the next gaming experience lets them withdraw further into the world of the gaming machines.

What Are Megaspin Slots?

Megaspin slots provide multi-reel gaming for the slots player who gets bored with one slots game at a time. You’ve probably heard of people who play multiple games of chess at a time against several different opponents. In the casino world, you’ve probably heard about multi-hand blackjack, where players get to enjoy several games of 21-blackjack among themselves. Many online poker players are famous for joining multiple sit-n-go tournaments at a time, playing maybe 5 or 10 games at once. Some people have tried to make a living grinding out poker wins this way. So it was only a matter of time before Mega-spin slots game along.

When you play, you’ll see 2 or more simulated slots reels spinning at once. The classic example of a megaspin fruit machine is the Major Millions Megaspin game by Microgaming. This is the same exact games as the original 3-reel Megaspin by Microgaming, but what you’ll see are 6 reels instead of the usual one. In essence, you’ll be playing 6 games of Major Millions 3-reel at once. What’s more, this game is networked with the Major Millions 3-Reels and 5-Reel updated versions, so the progressive jackpot grows much quicker than it would otherwise. While everyone else has one shot at the progressive per spin, you have six. Major Millions is found in 33 Microgaming casinos.

Fantastic 7’s Megaspin

Microgaming has other examples you can play. The Fantastic Sevens game is a 3-reel, 1-payline fruit machine with a 2,500 coin fixed jackpot. When you play the Mega-Spin version, you’ll get six different reels of action, so you get 6 paylines in one. Fantastic 7s Megaspin is found on 48 different Microgaming sites.

High 5 Megaspin Slots

Another option is the High-5 Megaspin game, also from Microgaming. Once again, you get a 3-reel, 1-line game with six different reels. The maximum fixed jackpot is 15,000 coins and you also get a wild symbol. You can find this on 47 different Microgaming sites, though I also read only 40 English-language sites offer the game at present.

Double Magic Multi-Gameplay

Double Magic Megaspin is the most widespread multi-gameplay machine on the Internet. Double Magic Megaspin looks for all the world to be a classic 3-reel, complete with sevens, stars, bars, and cherries. The twist is you get wild symbols and a 6-reel megapsin option. This game appears in 50 different casinos powered by Microgaming software, though only 42 of these support English language players.