Monsters in the Closet Slots

The video slot game by Microgaming is based on a theme that brings out the childhood fear of monsters in players. Every kid has worried themselves silly before falling asleep thanks to the vivid image of strange beings waiting to devour them when they are the least prepared.

While incorporating long-forgotten fears of people, Mircrogaming has successfully created monsters that are really more adorable than scary. The five-reel, 50-payline slot game not only has an excellent game design, the multiple features make it a very rewarding game.

Brief overview of features

Choose between coin denominations of $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10 and $0.20 while playing. The coin values give you the option of playing casually as well as playing seriously. On 50 paylines, your maximum bet will be of $100. Betting the maximum naturally gives you the highest chance of making substantial returns on your wagers.

The maximum jackpot the game has to offer on normal rounds is 2,000 coins, or a hefty $4,000. However, there is a higher earning potential through the bonus rounds and free spin feature because of the various multipliers available. You can potentially win even thrice the jackpot!


How to play and real money versions

To play the real money of Monsters in the Closet, you must first register with an online casino. Once you have filled up some basic information, you just have to put down a deposit which you can access to play the game of your choice. Additionally, you will enjoy certain perks of joining, such as entry bonuses in the form of credit points added to your deposit.

Bonus rounds

There is one major bonus round in the Monsters in the Closet slot game, along with two minor ones. The main bonus feature is the ‘monster in the closet’ bonus. This round is activated when a player lands at least three ‘Key’ symbols anywhere in the reels. Players will have to select one of five doors with to choose the scariest monsters. As a reward, you will receive a random multiplier ranging from 5x to 75x depending on how lucky you are, and how pleased the monster is. You only get one selection per round.

The Scary Slam bonus on the other hand is more aimed at how fast you can pick up collectibles of monsters before doors close. Based on how fast you are, the collectibles give you credit points. The round is activated when Scary Slam appears behind the door.

If you manage to get Atlas behind the door, the second minor bonus feature gets triggered. This round is called ‘destination’. In the round, you will have to identify the location of each monster by guessing based on their traits and the types of monster they are. If you are able to locate the leader, you will get a whopping 200x multiplier. The massive multiplier makes this round quite engaging.

Free spins are triggered when a player manages to land at least three door ring symbols. The most attractive part of this feature is that the free spin rounds are counted at a 3x multiplier. This means the jackpot gives out 6,000 coins instead of 2,000. The free spins take place at the same bet that you placed on the spin that activated the rounds. The scatters, wilds and other features make the game very engaging to both regular players and first timers.

Mobile Compatible

The video game slot is available on online casinos. However, no mobile compatible version has been released for this game yet.

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