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I’m guessing the majority of the readers of this review are human, however if you were a hound I would most definitely recommend this hotel. You’ll be pampered, served an excellent range of culinary delights and find that one fellow residents of the hotel is extremely attractive (in a canine, four legged and poodle kind of way). A variety of dogs inhabit the reels, including a pug in a flat cap smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey, a St. Bernard in a luxury dressing gown holding a steaming coffee and the aforementioned poodle, looking resplendent in a pink coat and pearls. The highlight of the slot is the bonus feature where you’ll enter one of five different free spins rounds.

The hotel itself acts as the backdrop to the slot, with an ornate arch featuring carvings of dogs towering over the reels. The windows of the hotel can be seen either side of the reels and of you look closely you’ll occasionally see the shadows of the residents walking past. Each of the symbols is drawn in a humanized caricature style, giving the game an element of fun – the Pug character will certainly appeal to anyone’s sense of humour. Alongside the hounds, you’ll also find colourful playing card symbols, each complemented with a crown, shield or diamond. The general hubbub sound from the hotel accompanies each spin, while wins are met with more general slot sounds.


How to play & real money versions

This MicroGaming designed game has 5 reels and a fixed number of 25 win lines. Unlike the majority of slots, you’ll choose your total stake for each spin directly using the ‘plus’ and minus’ buttons, as opposed to the more standard coin size per win line. With 25 win lines, your minimum stake is as low as 25c.

Usually, if you see 3 or more dogs together, you’ll find yourself either clearing up copious amounts of mess, prizing the males and females apart or find half of your dinner hanging from their chins, but here you’ll win prizes – just as long as they are in a row on a win line. The slightly confused looking St. Bernard is the top paying standard symbol, winning you 450 coins for 5 in a row, with the wolf hound and the poodle next in line with wins of 400 and 300 coins. A Scotch terrier, the Pug and the playing cards complete the standard symbols.

The Hound Hotel title symbol is the highest paying of all on the reels as five of a kind pays 500 coins. However, this symbol is perhaps more important as the wild, where it will substitute for any other symbol on the reels apart from the scatter. This symbol is stacked, making it much more profitable than your usual wild, especially if more than one reel is stacked. After a losing spin, there will be occasions when you are randomly awarded extra wilds in the ‘Dashing Wild’ feature. This sees 3 wild symbols moving back and forth across the slot and may give extra wins when they come to a stop.

A rather bored looking Chihuahua is the waiter of the Hound Hotel and he also doubles up as the scatter symbol. Two scatters anywhere on the reels give you an instant win based on your total bet size, but 3 or more also enters you into the bonus feature. You’ll now enter the hotel and find three floors with a number of doors on each. On floor 1 you’ll pick a door to choose your special wild feature, while floors 2 and 3 reveal both the multiplier and the number of free spins. There are 5 special wild features in all.

Super Stacked Wilds – The wild symbol is now stacked 20 high on both the 2nd and 4th reels.

Expanding Wilds – Any wild will expand to encompass the entire reel.

Wild Reels – Both reels 1 and 5 are completely wild.

Split Wilds – The wilds can split into two (horizontally) to create additional wins and the chance of landing 6 in a row, which pays double the 5 in a row win.

Super Wild Reels – One of reels 2, 3 or 4 will be completely wild and will be joined by reel 1 and 5 if a wild symbol appears on either.

Hound Hotel Conclusion

Generally, when playing real money slots, you’ll come across the same theme again and again; however, I can safely say that I’ve never played one featuring Fido in a holiday home before. This game is certainly entertaining and has great visual appeal too, but it’s the feature that really makes it. A free games round is nothing new, but choosing the number of spins, the multiplier and even how it is played is somewhat original, making it a bonus round that will remain fresh. Hound Hotel will have you wagging your tail.

If you enjoy Hound Hotel, Kitty Cabana by MicroGaming offers exactly the same experience, where the dogs are replaced by cats.

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