Hitman Slots

Hitman slots is an video slot game created by Microgaming. The slot is based on the popular video game, Hitman, which was created by IO Interactive. Players will be using the protagonist of the game, Agent 47, an assassin who is after high profile targets.

All of the game’s features revolve incorporates bits and pieces from the original game as Microgaming acquired the license from IO Interactive. The visual graphics, animations and sound are crisp which makes it enjoyable for both amateurs and professional slot players to have a crack at it.


Brief overview of features

Hitman slots is a five reel, 15 payline slot game. Players will notice the various symbols and images used in the game from the original video game. Some of the symbols include a dagger, revolvers, sniper rifle and poison syringe. These are the basic symbols in the game. It also includes a wild and scatter symbol which is represented by Hitman and the number 18 respectively. The game has a soundtrack that plays in the background which makes the game more interesting as the player looks for winning combinations.

How to play and real money versions

The basic premise of the game is for the player to bet an amount and match the different symbols in the game. Each symbol has a different payout and the player must make a combination on the payline that he/she has selected. The more paylines that the player activates, the more his/her chances increases. In order to begin, the player will have to register with an online casino by depositing a certain amount of currency. Once the player has converted the currency into coins, the game can commence. There are different coin denominations for the player to choose from. The player can bet anywhere between one to 20 coins with stakes varying between 0.01c to 0.25c, which makes the game highly affordable for any type of player.

The wild symbol in the game is represented by Hitman which substitute for any other symbol in the game to make a winning combination. The wild symbols only occur on the second, third and fourth reel. However, the wild symbol cannot substitute for the scatter symbol. If the player lands a winning combination with a wild symbol, the game plays an interesting video animation which is a feature not seen in many of Microgaming other games.

The scatter symbol is represented by the number 18, which is the number of free spins a player can win in the game. The basic feature of the scatter symbol is that it gives a higher payout than regular symbols and it also activates the bonus round feature. In order to achieve the latter feature, the player must land three scatter symbols. Once the round is active, the free spins give the player double the winning combination’s value. The player also has a chance to land more free spins during the round

Bonus rounds

There are two bonus round features in this particular game – the Contract bonus game and the Insignia bonus game. In the first game, the players will have to look out for a laptop symbol on the third, fourth and fifth reel. The game shifts into a secondary screen where a player must select any one of five targets to ‘murder’ using a weapon of their choice. The maximum a player can win in this game is a whopping 270,000 coins. The Insignia symbol activates the second game if it lands on the first, second or third reel. The player only has to select a symbol to win a certain amount of coins. This bonus round feature offers players chances to win coins without having to use any of his/her own currency. The coins won in the round are added to the player’s total after the round is completed.

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