Happy New Year Slots

The Happy New Year slot game from Microgaming is a slot game based on the theme of a Chinese New Year. The slot game is designed on the minimalistic and simple 3 reel classic slot design and includes several interesting Chinese symbols. A perfect game to celebrate the highly festive Chinese year with celebrations that last for well over a week.

The Happy New Year game uses software designed and developed by a popular UK based casino developer, Microgaming. The game includes crisp graphics and equally good audio which is quite common with the Microgaming slot games. Microgaming is also renowned in the slot game industry for their use of superior and highly advanced technology such as Viper and Adobe Flash. As a result of the superior technology, all slot games from Microgaming can be played on Mac as well as Windows. Many of their games are also available on Android and iOS platforms so all the smartphone enthusiasts can play their favorite online slot games on the move.


Brief overview of features

Happy New Year is based on several Chinese mythological characters and the prominent character in the game Nian, the sea monster. The Happy new Year slot game is a classic three reel five payline game from Microgaming. The game follows the mythological story of the sea monster who could only be warded off with the red color, loud noise and several other incantations. This is also a prominent feature in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. As a result, it is quite common to expect that the slot game too would include this story followed up with bright red symbols that are bound to bring you good fortune. The game is available as a free versio and as a paid version. The free version can be played on various demo websites while the paid version can only be paid through an online casino. To begin playing the game, players will have to register with an online casino and deposit a certain amount of currency.

The game mechanics are very simple in this game. Players will have to wager a certain amount of money in the hope of landing a winning combination using the symbols of the game. The symbols in the game include several assortments of the items featured in Chinese New Year celebrations. You will see several fire crackers colored in Yellow, Red and Green. Lit lanterns glowing with red color, Happy new year symbol and so on. The wagers are quite simple and straight forward. You can bet on anything between 1 and 5 credits per spin. When you play with all paylines active, you can bet a maximum of 125 credits at 25 credits per payline giving you an opportunity to rake up massive wins. The more active paylines when a spin is being made increases the player’s chances of winning.

Wild Symbols

The Happy New Year online slot game from Microgaming includes one wild symbol. The wild symbol used in this game is the Happy New Year symbol. The wild can substitute all other symbols in the game and help you win rewards whenever they appear. A single wild also includes a 2x multiplier to help you rake up slightly larger rewards. Two wild symbols will give you a bigger multiplier of 4x allowing you to win a larger reward. But the maximum reward is obtained when you hit three of the wild symbols on any one of the paylines. This will give you a massive 1000 to 2400 coin reward depending on your betting conditions. The game does not feature any scatter symbols

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