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Game of Thrones exploded onto our TV screens back in 2011 and would quickly become one of the most watched and talked about series of the 21st century. Set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, the series follows the fortunes of a number of noble houses. Game of Thrones has certainly been controversial, receiving much criticism for the violence in the show; however critics have also embraced the series, with many awards coming its way and surely more to come.  Fans of the show can now enjoy the Game of Thrones slot – featuring an original free spins round based upon the noble houses.

Upon entering the game, fans of the series will recognize many familiarities with the show, including the eye catching title and the heraldic crests on the reels. The game has a crisp, classic feel, much care having been taken over the ornate design of each of the symbols – these illuminating when forming part of a win line which adds another level of professionalism to the game. Some might be disappointed by the lack of the actual characters from the series on the reels, although with the short life span of many of the central figures in Game of Thrones, this might prove difficult. Throughout your time at the slot you’ll enjoy the theme tune from the series, the resounding orchestra adding much atmosphere to the game.


Playing Game of Thrones

There are actually two versions of this slot within the same game. Each has the somewhat standard five reels found at many games, but differ when it comes to enjoying wins. The first version has a fixed number of 15 win lines which plays much like the majority of games. However, you can also play a version with 243 ways to win. Here you’ll win when landing symbols on adjacent reels, irrespective of the position on the reels. The cost of the 243 ways to win is 30 credits and the pays described below are based upon this version of the game.

Four different houses are represented with their crests, the yellow Baratheon crest being the highest paying at the reels at 250 coins. This is joined by the crests of Lannister, Stark and Targaryen. Alongside these you’ll find the playing card symbols from Jack to Ace, each chiselled from stone, with an authentic, weathered look.

The title symbol which looks impressive with a golden sheen as a backdrop is the wild symbol and will substitute for any other symbol on the reels apart from the scatter. This is a stacked scatter, enabling many more additional wins, especially useful if playing the 243 ways to win version of the game. This symbol is also the highest paying at the game with a pay-out of 500 coins for landing 5 in a row.

Every time you achieve a win you can activate the gamble trail feature. You’ll move from location to location, choosing heads or tails each time as an ancient coin is tossed – there are 4 locations on the map, this being the limit of the number of gambles you’ll be able to take.

The final symbol on the reels is the throne itself which acts as the scatter. You’ll win an immediate cash prize when landing 3 or more scatters (up to a maximum of 600x your stake for 5 scatters) and you’ll also activate the free spins round. You’ll have a choice of 4 different rounds:

Baratheon – 8 free spins with a 5x multiplier. The Baratheon crest is stacked three high during the round.

Lannister – 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier. The Lannister crest is stacked four high.

Stark – 14 free spins with a 3x multiplier. The Stark crest is stacked five high.

Targaryen – 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier. The Targaryen crest is stacked six high.

This feature round can be re-triggered by landing three or more scatters again, playing the same game that triggered the spins.

Final Verdict

Game of Thrones has taken off so spectacularly that the pressure was on MicroGaming to produce a slot which reflected this success and they have it achieved it here. Fans of the series will certainly enjoy this slot machine, but the slot will go much further than that, as the choice of feature will appeal to all players. You could say that the slot could have gone further, as there is a lack of an ‘epic’ feature which would represent the grandness of the series, but this is a small criticism of an otherwise excellent slot.

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