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If playing classic slot games is your favorite idea of spending time online, the Bulls Eye slot game from Microgaming is the perfect choice for you. The game is very simple and minimalistic in design. The game is based on the theme of a classic game of darts and as usual incorporates all the high graphics, audio and other concepts that are popular with Microgaming’s products.


The Bulls Eye classic slot game is designed and developed by Microgaming, a slot game developer from U.K..  Microgaming is  renowned to for their use of intelligent and cutting edge technologies such as Viper, Adobe Flash and Java in their game designs making them the most versatile slot game developers. The slot games developed by Microgaming can be played on all of the popular desktop platforms that include Windows and Mac. Similarly even smartphone users can access the Microgaming games directly on their devices that run on Android and iOS mobile operating systems.



The Bulls Eye online slot game from Microgaming is a three reel, one payline classic slot game designed on the theme of darts. Players have the option of playing a free version on demo websites and a paid version at online casinos. The game includes only a single denomination of $1.00 and allows you to play a maximum of 3 coins per spin. This means that the maximum bet the game allows s $3.00. The game is also designed to give out a maximum payout percentage at the maximum bets. The maximum bet conditions are also required to trigger the bonus game and it is recommended that you spin with the maximum allowed number of three coins per spin for the best results when playing this game. As of now, there is no mobile compatible version of this slot game.


Bulls Eye includes some of the popular retro symbols such as the cherry symbol that gives you a payout with a combination of one, two or even three symbols anywhere on the payline. Other symbols include single, double and triple bars and you can win a payout even when a combination of mixed bar symbols appear on the reels.

Bonus and wild symbols

The dart player symbol in Bulls Eye is used as the wild symbol. These symbols are present on all of the three reels and they substitute every other symbols in the game except the bonus symbol. When you hit a combination of three or two dart player symbols on the payline, your winnings will be multiplied by 4x and 2x respectively. There is also a bonus symbol in the game which is the Spin symbol. This symbol appears only on reel three and is responsible to activate the bonus game. However, you need to remember that you need to play with the maximum number of three coins to activate the bonus game.

Bonus game

The bonus game gets triggered when you play with a maximum bet and whenever you land the spin symbol on the third reel of the slot game. You will then get an opportunity to spin the bonus wheel that will determine the exact amount of your bonus wins. There is also a jackpot available in the game which you can win when you land a combination of three dart player symbols on the payline. When playing with three coins, this jackpot will award you 5,000 coins. The reward decreases with the number of coins and you will win only 2,000 and 1,000 coins when playing with a bet of 2 and 1 coins respectively.

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