Billion Dollar Gran Slots

The slot game Billion Dollar Gran is a non progressive three-reel classic slot game from Microgaming. The game is based on the theme of a rich grandmother going about her daily chores making this game  highly entertaining and simple. These are some of the features that make this an innovative slot game. It includes some of the most intriguing graphics, features and music that is sure to win you over once you start playing this game.


The slot game Billion Dollar Gran uses a simplistic three reel single payline approach. To play this game, you will have to register with an online casino that has the game available on its list. Most online casinos will ask you to deposit a certain amount of currency in exchange for coins which you can use to play different games. As soon as you create an account and deposit the money, you can begin playing the game. The game includes denominations that range between $0.1 and move up with eight different sizes to reach $10. The basic premise of the game is to land three matching symbols on the single payline. Each symbol gives a different prize. To make big wins, you will have to the maximum coin denomination in the game, The maximum  coins allowed per bet is a single coin and the game includes a maximum jackpot of $20,000.

Microgaming's Billion Dollar Gran Slot

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  • Symbols and features

    The slot game features some interesting symbols such as bread, battenberg, cup, knitting needles, cherries, chest, the Billion Dollar Gran, Sevens and a Bowl. The character of the Billion Dollar Gran somewhat resembles the movie character, Mrs. Doubtfire. Even though the game includes  a wide variety of symbols, the winning combination are limited to as less as seven. This game however, includes a free spin feature that makes up for the minimum number of winning combination. Based on the number of combinations of the free spin symbol, you can win a maximum of 25 free spins with three free spin triggers on the reels. This takes place during the Win Spin round of the game. The jackpot in the game can be won when you collect three Billion Dollar Gran symbols during the WinSpin round.

    Even though the winning combinations are minimum, you will win some amount after almost every round. The excitement doubles when the WinSpin feature is activated and you will notice that this feature will get activated more easily in this game compared to any other five-reel slot game that requires too much effort before you reach this stage.

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    Bonus round

    There is also a hidden gamble game within the Billion Dollar Gran Slots and this is called the Video Feature. The player will be taken to the bonus round instantly when combination of three bowls is made on a single payline. This is perhaps the most entertaining round of the game and you may need a lot more than luck to survive every round of this bonus feature. The game begins with a row of boxes appearing on your screen, you can choose any of the boxes to find hidden prizes. This game can also award you with the nudge feature and the hold feature to help you reap greater rewards.

    The hold and nudge features give you a special control over the reels and this allows you to manipulate the outcome of the game in your favor. If you are looking for something entertaining, yet very different and also simplistic at the same time, the Billion Dollar Gran online slot game from Microgaming is the perfect choice.