Treasure Voyage Slots Machine

This slot is set in an age of glorious sailing ships. Like all Konami titles, it has the distinctive feel of a live slot which has been brought online – right down to the sounds and overall feel of the graphics. It is one of the less intensive slots I have played. You’ll get stretches where not much happens, then all of a sudden a combination of the wild symbols and maybe the free spins feature will trigger decent sized wins. The reels in this slot have an unusual 4-5-5-5-4 configuration.

There is a minimum of $2 per spin in place for this game, covering all 100 lines. While this may be on the high side for some players – you should keep in mind that the wins will often come in big groups. In addition to the sailing ship and treasure chests, you’ll find a lot of aquatic symbols on the reels including a killer whale and bright orange colored tropical fish.


How to Win on the Treasure Voyage Slot

There are 100 win lines crossing the unusually configured reel setup in this game. This is enough to ensure multiple wins on occasion – though I was not able to follow what was a win and what was not until the game showed me. There are stacked symbols, including the ship’s captain which is the wild. This means you’ll sometimes trigger wins on 10+ win lines at once, making up for the smaller individual payouts.

The biggest win comes from the wild; this is worth 1000 coins for 5 (listed as line bet x2 with 500 coins for some reason known only the Konami!). Next is the treasure chest, which is worth 500 coins for 5. With the ship, whale and fish also adding some good mid-sized prizes. The smaller prizes for Treasure Voyage are made up by the playing card symbols ace down to nine.

Ships compasses have 2 roles to play. These are scatter symbols (paying 4x your total bet for 3), and will also trigger the bonus free spins games. These only appear on the larger reels in the center of the game – and you’ll need all 3 to get 12 free spins.

While the symbols and wins are the same in the free games, there is one interesting addition which can make this game very profitable. When you hit one or more of the captain symbols on a reel, this expands (‘nudges’) to cover the entire reel. This creates a lot more wilds, with the captain common enough during normal play. It is possible with 2 of the first 3 reels covered to trigger all 100 lines at the same time.

When you do hit a big win on this game you will get a fireworks display for your troubles, the free spins round does not kick in all that often – though when it does you will often be in for a big windfall.

How the Treasure Voyage Slot Works

The 4-5-5-5-4 reel layout is easy enough to get used to, and does allow the 100 win-lines from the left to right. You do not get the opportunity to change this number of win lines – as this is fixed. The 2c per line minimum can be adjusted upwards to $3 per line – or $300 per spin. There is an auto-play option which allows up to 25 spins. For me the game takes just a little too long to cycle through the wins for this to be too attractive an option.

Graphically this slot looks on the dated side. There is an ocean scene around the frame of the reels, and small animations (for example the captain will salute when involved in a win). At the same time the plain backing of the reels and overall look of the symbols are 15 years out of date compared to some of the latest titles.

What really dates this game is the noises. There are many short tunes which will play when you win prizes which really do sound like they were created on 1980’s computers. While these are entertaining for the first couple of times, they soon start to get irritating. Sure, you can reach for the mute button, though for me this takes away a certain something from the overall slot experience.

Treasure Voyage – Conclusion

Game-play wise this is a solid slot game, with fast and smooth action – it is a real shame those retro sounds do not quite match! On the plus side, you will get the chance to land a lot of multi-line wins during the free spins game. If you enjoy solid slots which do not interrupt you too often, then why not give Treasure Voyage a spin?

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