gypsy fire

Free Gypsy Fire Slot Machine

Although the term “Gypsy” is now mostly used to describe someone who drifts about with no particular home, the term actually refers to a group of people. These people, also known as the Romani, began migrating from northern India to Europe in the 8th century. Because they had darker hair and skin, Europeans’…

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fortune stacks

Fortune Stacks Slot Machine from Konami

As fun as all of the movie and television themed slot games are, there’s nothing quite like taking it back to the basics with a classic slot theme: Asian culture. Whether you’re talking about the many available dragon games or a koi fish slot game, there are countless options when it comes Asian-themed…

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Imperial Wealth Slot Machine

When it comes to slot games, there are a few very common symbols and themes: fruit, the number 7, safaris, and ancient civilizations. But perhaps no theme is more common than Asian culture. Simply searching for “Dragon slot game” on Google brings up tons of results for different games, all inspired by dragons…

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t voyage

Treasure Voyage Slots Machine

This slot is set in an age of glorious sailing ships. Like all Konami titles, it has the distinctive feel of a live slot which has been brought online – right down to the sounds and overall feel of the graphics. It is one of the less intensive slots I have played. You’ll get stretches…

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f diamond

Full Moon Diamond Slots

This slot is based on the wildlife of America before it was settled. Buffalo, raccoons and wolves grace the reels, with an attractive lake and frozen mountain backdrop above the reels. When you load up this Konami slot, you will immediately spot the unusual setup of the reels. Instead of a 5×3 or 5×4 grid,…

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c shores

China Shores Slots Machine from Konami

At first view, China Shores looks like a generic Asian themed video slot like 100’s of others. There are some good reasons to play this game though. The free spins bonus round lets you skip the free spins completely – instead opting for a random cash prize based on the number of spins you won.

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