Winner of the West Slot

Wild West themed casino slots have been around since the days of mechanical devices. This new title from Incredible Technologies (ITS) has come up with some new ideas to go with the traditional slot theme.

These include angled win-lines (along with slanting symbols to trigger them) and 2 bonus games – one which involves catching banknotes after a Western bank heist! You will also enjoy a huge cowgirl avatar appearing in front of the reels and shooting playing cards, which become wilds.


How to Win on Winner of the West

There are 20 win lines across the reels of this game, though not in the usual positions. Just 10 of those lines are the normal ones going from left to right across the reels. There are then 5 more diagonals slanting from the lower left to the upper right, and 5 pointing downwards from the upper left to right too. This is the same setup used in the Crazy Money range of games.

To make things even more interesting, different symbols trigger wins in each direction. There are regular symbols which work with the 10 ‘normal’ win lines. There are then slanted symbols, in the form of banknotes which either point up or down from left to right. These only trigger wins on the slanting win-lines. I’d like to say this was easy to tune in to, unfortunately that was not what I found, in fact it is rather difficult to figure out where the wins are coming from.

At least the payouts are generous for the diagonal wins at least. The biggest is 1500 coins for 3 of the red banknotes, you can win 1000 for just 2 on one of the shorter diagonals sloping downwards from the left to right. Wins for the up (from left to right) diagonals are smaller, the best of these being 300. Both of these wins eclipse the regular symbols going across the screen. Here the top prize is for 5 of the cowgirl figures and comes in at 100 coins.

The cowgirl is huge compared to the reels and will appear randomly. When she does appear she throws playing cards into the air, then draws a gun and shoots at them as they fall back down. You will end up with extra wilds on the reels. There can be several of these at once, which triggers wins in different directions.

Different Sized Bonus Prizes

You can trigger each of the two bonuses in 3 different sizes – depending on the 3rd scatter symbol. The first 2 scatters are colorful bonus symbol. You’ll then see the reels speed up and hopefully you will see either a bank or a safe symbol in one of the last reels. There are 3 of each, different colors, which say ‘big’, ‘bigger’ or ‘biggest’. The amount you can win in the games depends on which one you get.

For the Bank Bust Bonus you’ll see an old Western Style bank, you then see an explosion and lots of green bills floating around. You get 15 picks, and need to tap the screen to ‘catch’ each of the bills. As you tap them they reveal credit amounts.

For the sage bonus you see a very bright gold and wood safe. Your task is to get it open, which will result in a big prize. To do this you need to find 3 of the ‘dial’ symbols before you get to 3 of the sheriffs badges. You click on the arrows around the edge of the safe door, revealing one of those symbols or a cash prize.


Design and Setup of Winner of the West

As you might expect from ITS, the design is bold and bright. This is a nicely produced game, with some solid 3D effects (especially the cowgirl). The game play is certainly smooth, though the different line configuration does not feel particularly natural when playing. Both of the bonus games are nicely put together. The animation for the Bank Bust game is very detailed, making this an entertaining game.

You’ll be able to spin all 20 lines for a fixed price on this game. As part of the instructions you are shown that your winning odds increase as the amount you spin for increases. To get the best odds you are advised to bet 100 credits ($1 minimum) or more.

Overall Experience

I’m still a little unsure about those special angled win-lines, though overall this is an enjoyable take on a very traditional slot theme. I like the 3 levels of bonus, if you get the maximum one and trigger the safe feature you’ll certainly have a shot at landing a bigger win!

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