Wild Pacific Slot

This is a brand new slot, so new that it has not rolled out to many casinos as yet.

With an amazing looking underwater theme, jumbo-stacked reels and a very lively ‘party’ free spins round – I can’t wait to take it for a spin.

In the meantime, this review is based on the promotional video and information provided by its creator ‘Incredible Technologies’ (ITS).



How to Win on the Wild Pacific Slot

Like many slots in the ITS portfolio – Wild Pacific uses an all-ways winning system. Instead of win-lines, you are aiming to hit consecutive symbol on reels from the left hand side. This not only prevents you from ‘missing’ win lines, it means you’ll hit a lot of (smaller) wins while you play.

Things look very dramatic on the reels, which are transparent, giving a view of the deep blue ocean behind. The symbols you’ll want to see the most of are whales, dolphins and turtles. These all come ‘super stacked’, which means you get long lines of them on each reel. This makes it possible (in fact common) to see one or more entire reels covered in the same symbol. Your biggest wins will come if you cover the entire 5 by 4 grid of the reels with one of these three creatures.

When you do hit a good sized win, you are in for a visual treat. 3D effects kick in and you will see a school of dolphins swim across the screen, or a giant sperm whale swimming up towards the sunlight above the ocean. Many ITS slots are colorful and bold, for me this one takes the graphics to an entirely new level.

There are other unique symbols, based on fish, as well as the usual slot playing card symbols. There are also wilds – which have a green color and an anchor design. These substitute for any of the regular winning symbols, though not the free spins bonus symbols (which simply say ‘free spins’).

Free Spins Bonus – An Underwater Party!

You only get 7 free spins, though things certainly liven up when this game kicks in. The water turns to a purple color, and lively calypso music starts to play. The main difference from regular play is that wilds are locked for the duration of the free spins. These start off without anchors, and any that hit the reels get an anchor which fixes them in place for the remainder of the bonus game.

By the time you get to the last few spins, you could find yourself with good coverage of wilds. In combination with the all-ways system, this gives you the potential for some very big wins.


Design and Setup of Wild Pacific

Merely describing the setup as having the surface of the ocean above (complete with rays of sunshine) and corals and the sea-floor at the bottom does not really do the graphics justice. The attention to detail, including the shimmering light of the surface is excellent. Best of all are the swim-pasts of the main symbols. Dolphins and Whales look great – though for me the animation of the turtles topped them both. It is worth checking out the slot for these animations alone.

While the free spins game certainly livens up the game, I am not sure it truly fits in with the expansive sea-wildlife theme. I am also confused by the music, which sounded more like the kind of thing associated with Atlantic (or at least Gulf of Mexico)!

You can play for multiples of 30c, which gets you all 1024 winning combinations the maximum bet is $3.

Overall Experience

After seeing the amazing graphics, I am looking forward to having a chance to try this slot out for myself. The jumbo stacked reels and locking wilds during the free spins game look to be the game-play highlights.

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