Tiki Tiki Luau Slot Machine

Hawaii is the theme of this colourful slot from Incredible Technologies (more commonly known by their acronym ITS).

Among the lively music, bright flowers and smiling Tiki symbols, there is a more serious side – the chance to walk away with a big win.

These can come in several ways, with both on reel features and a second screen bonus game available. There are also 4 progressive jackpots which can be triggered at any point.


Tiki Tiki Luau Slot Machine Preview

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Slot Ratings
Rating: 2.0. From 1 vote.

  • How to Win on Tiki Tiki Luau

    Like most ITS slot games there is a fixed 40c minimum spin, with higher amounts being multiples of this up to 320 coins max. Symbols fall onto a 5 reel, 4 row grid and most of your wins will come from the standard system of 3+ on a win-line from the left hand side.

    Symbol are all the classic island life symbols, including garlands of flowers, a guitar playing hula dancer, muscular guy in a canoe and cocktail in a pineapple.

    You’ll be drawn to the dancing Tiki statues on the upper screen when you spin. When these topple and fall onto the reels, some bigger wins can happen.

    There is a good and bad Tiki – and both can be good for you! The smiling one will sometimes fall and deposit wild symbols onto the screen. These substitute for everything except for the bonus symbol to make extra wins. If you are lucky enough to get 5 or more of these (and to have them combine well with the other symbols), then you have a chance of winning on several lines at once.

    The bad Tiki can be even more valuable, as this mask is linked to the progressive jackpots. You’ll see a bunch of these falling onto the reels, and the jackpot you win will depend on how many you hit. With a 5-figure ($10,000+) top prize, you’ll certainly be happy to see this frowning face.

    The Mai Tiki Tai Bonus Game

    If you hit 3 of the bonus symbols anywhere on the reel you will go to a second screen bonus game where you have to find your way through the jungle to locate a Tiki bar. This important quest is colorful and entertaining, though your role in it is limited. You need to choose from a number of arrows (4, 3 or 2) which point to different paths in the jungle.

    Each time you tap an arrow to proceed, you will win a coin amount. At some point you may find yourself at a path which disappears over a drop. First a sign comes up which says you have reached the end of the road, and that there is no Tiki bar here. Next a ‘but wait…’ appears. Two Tiki masks now appear, and you tap on one. With any luck you are now back on the path, and get to have a second shot at finding the bar (or at least winning more credits for correct choices).

    The final part of this bonus game comes when the bar is revealed. There are two masks, one either side which say ‘spin me’ on them. You swipe each one, which stops to reveal a larger win in coins. Your total win from this bonus is a combination of the coins you win by clicking the arrows, and the amounts that these two masks stop on.


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    Design and Setup

    This is a lively and happy slot overall, with some detailed touches to go with the cartoon type drawings of most of the symbols. These include flickering torches on either side of the reels, and the dancing Tiki’s on the upper screen which sometimes turn into the wild or jackpot symbols. There are times when the symbols seem to freeze over, the sunshine gone for a while. I like the cartoon jungle scenes from the bonus game – and the Tiki bar at the end of your quest is certainly worth seeing.

    The setup is very easy, in line with most slots from ITS. You simply choose a multiple of 40c, up to $3.20 and hit the spin button.

    Overall Experience

    I like this game a lot, the combination of an up-beat and happy base game with solid game-play, and some extra on reel features hits the right balance. Those extra wilds from the good Tiki are a welcome random addition when they fall from above. The break out game is entertaining enough for the first few tries. After that you’ll have to remind yourself that there are some potentially big wins waiting if you do hit the Tiki bar.