Shiseijuu Fortunes Slot from Incredible Technologies

With 100’s of Asian themed slots in casinos it is always interesting to see what the slot manufacturers can come up with to make their games stand out. Shiseijuu Fortunes does something I have not seen exactly replicated elsewhere – it uses 7 reels instead of the standard 5.

In addition to this there is a special symbol, which enables wins from both directions on any spin. Combine this with an all-ways type setup and you’ll see that this Incredible Technologies (ITS) slot makes a good job of standing out in this crowded niche.


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How to Win on Shiseijuu Fortunes

The biggest wins will come when you hit 7 of a kind, which is helped by a combination of (sometimes) stacked symbols and wilds. Even for the top symbols such as the colorful Chinese Dragon, the individual wins are on the smaller side. You’ll hit the bigger money (and the classic coin fountain) when you hit multiple wins in the same spin.

Those dragons pay 175 coins for 7 on a win-line, with 75 coins for 6, 50 for 5, 20 for 4 and just 3 coins for 3 of a kind. What could be a fish, bird, tiger and turtle (the elaborate design makes it quite difficult to be sure!) are the next highest paying symbols. These are each worth 125 coins for 7 and again pay from 3 of a kind and up.

A panda looking out from some bamboo is the wild symbol. This appears reasonably often and will substitute for all of the regular symbols above, though not the scatters or special Yin Yang symbol.

Both Direction Pays

The Yin Yang symbol only appears once – and only ever on the middle reel (reel 4). This appears randomly during regular play, and every time during the free spins bonus game. When it appears, wins are enabled from right to left in addition to the usual right to left. With so many possible winning combinations in play, you’ll often find a lot of additional wins come from this feature.

Free Spins Bonus Game

A jewel symbol triggers the free spins bonus round, which starts off with 10 spins – though can be retriggered for 10 more each time. You’ll need just 2 of these scatters to start the game, one on each of reel 1 and reel 7.

The main difference between regular and bonus game play is that the Yin Yang symbol appears every spin during the bonus. This means that all the spins have wins going in both directions. In addition, there is a visual change (which I am not sure is for the better). A giant Yin Yang symbol rotates behind the reels! With a combination of free spins, bi-directional play and wild symbols this can sometimes be a very profitable bonus game.

Design and Setup of Shiseijuu Fortunes

The 7 reels certainly gives this slot an individual look, though the overall design is very similar to the 100’s of other Asian slots which you’ll find in casino slot halls. There is certain brightness to the cabinet, which has purple strip around the outside and a curved top. On the reels the symbols are a little too detailed to be completely clear. The overall impression is of a riot of color that looks as if it was thrown together to be as colorful as possible, rather than the work of a single designer.

There are minor animations while you play, including the (wild) panda shaking from side to side the dragon uncurling a little. If you do hit a big win you’ll see a beautifully drawn larger dragon fly over the reels, which is certainly a visual highlight. A plinking style traditional Chinese tune plays while you spin the reels.

You can enjoy this game for just 30 credits (starting at 1c).

Overall Experience

If you enjoy the Asian themed slots then this game is worth a look for the novelty of playing with 7 reels instead of 5. The both-ways wins can come in useful to add credits, and every spin during the bonus game includes this. While this is a solid enough game, with a colorful design, I am not convinced that it has enough going for it to really make a mark in the Asian slots niche. Try Incredible Technologies Shiseijuu Fortunes for yourself and see if you agree!

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