Safari Rampage Slot Machine

This is a new slot in the Incredible Technologies (ITS) range – so new that it has yet to be rolled out to live casinos. Safari Rampage uses an African animal theme which has a lot of competition in the world of slots – most slots makers produce at least one.

There are a couple of features which make Safari Rampage stand out. First there are instant stacks, where you will win larger prizes each time you hit a 2 or more of the main symbols stacked (3x) on a reel. Second, you can choose to gamble during the free slots game. This gives you a choice between cashing in your spins for cash, or going for a big win with a 1/3 or 1/8 chance.


s rampage

How to Win on Safari Rampage

You’ll find the standard 40 win-line setup in play which most ITS slots share. Many of the animals appear frequently on the reels – and it is even possible to get the entire 5 by 3 grid covered in leopards or elephants. This is where the bigger wins come from in this type of game. While I have yet to see the pay table, I expect the top payment to be in the few hundred coins range. There are wild symbols on the reels in addition to other animals. These include a gazelle and a baboon. Playing card symbols make up the smaller wins, and also give this slot a very traditional casino slot look and feel.

Instant Stacks Feature

During play you will sometimes see stacks with a distinctive colored design come in instead of the regular symbols. This is an extra feature which will unveil staked reels of the same animal when the rest of the reels stop. These are the top paying symbols, and you’ll often find the full 40 win lines pay at once (for 3 of a kind or more).

Free Spins Bonus Game

Gold coins on the reels stamped with an elephant motif are the bonus symbols. You’ll trigger a bonus round and a shot at the progressive jackpot. The first part of this bonus is a wheel spin. Some sections will have a number of free spins on them (higher if you start with more gold coins), and the other sections are marked with the different levels of progressive jackpot.

If the wheel stops on a jackpot, then the game ends there and you’ll win that amount. Free spins will take place back on the normal game reels, where the instant stacks feature is in play. You can retrigger this bonus with 3+ of the gold coins during the bonus game.

At any point before or during the free spins, you can choose to take a gamble. You tap the upper screen and are offered a fixed win amount, or two larger amounts, along with the chance of winning them. For example, you might be offered $275 right now, a 1 in 3 chance of winning $700 or a 1 in 8 chance of winning the main jackpot (which is almost $2000 in the example given). You can also decide to continue with your free spins. Obviously if you just have a few spins left, these amounts will be a lot smaller.


Design and Setup

Judging from the preview video this ITS slot looks like a mix of a very traditional looking slot and one with more modern animations and graphics. The traditional look comes from the plain background of the reels, the playing card symbols (bold colors, crowns) and the general feel of the game-play. This contrasts with the stacked reels, and vivid colors of the spinning reel – as well as the animated pre-screen of the elephant – all of which are very much up to date. Audio involved a lot of elephant trumpeting over an intense drum led track.

In line with other ITS games, the bets are in fixed increments starting at 40c (1c per line). As you move up in bet sizes, you get a better return to player percentage.

Overall Experience

Safari Rampage has a couple of interesting features which will help it to stand out from the many existing slots. The stacked reel wins are welcome, though nothing too different. What I did like is the ability to cash in free spins for a shot at the progressive. I will look forward to seeing ITS’ Safari Rampage in casinos soon!

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