River Royale Slots Machine

This slot uses the unique flipping symbols and scatter win setup from the popular ‘Money’ range of games. Along with this is a theme based around the steamboat casinos of the 1800’s that used to travel up and down the Mississippi river.

That era is brought to mind during the bonus game, where you’ll pick from a deck of old style playing cards. With 25,000 possible scatter combinations possible, and the 6th ‘money reel’ waiting to spin – there is certainly no shortage of action in this game.


r royale

How to Win on River Royale

Instead of reels, each of the symbols will spin (or rather flip) on its own. These are all made to look like folded banknotes, each with a character from the era of steamboat casinos on it. There are 6 different denominations, ranging from 1 through to 500. To win, you simply need to get 5 or more of the same banknote in view on the reels. This is a 5 by 3 grid, giving you a maximum of 15×500 coins in a single spin in the base game.

In addition to the banknote symbols you’ll get old style dollar designs. These trigger a 6th reel (which does actually spin) which you’ll see to the right of the main grid. You need 3 or more of the dollars to trigger the extra reel, which will spin to reveal either a banknote or a bonus symbol. If it stops on a banknote, then this one moves off of the reel and replicates in all of the places where the dollar signs landed. If you hit 5 or more dollars, then this ensures a win. If you hit less than this, you can get lucky and combine with the symbols already on the reel.

If you hit the bonus symbols (either through the money reel or naturally as the symbols flip) then you go to the second screen pick-em bonus – where you’ll try to make the best poker hand.

River Royale ‘Big Dealer’ Bonus Game

The base game is simple, you’ll be faced with a spread of face-down playing cards, and get to pick 5 to make the best possible poker style hand. The prizes, which are based on your bet size, are displayed across the top of the screen. The biggest prize (5 of the same card) is 5000 coins per 30c bet. The smallest prize is for 1 pair, which is 200 coins.

Things get more interesting with the inclusion of special cards. You can get a ‘Play Again’ card which lets you play up to 5 games (if you keep getting them) and other cards which give you up to 3 extra picks. The wild cards are interesting, this will substitute for any other card (playing card that is, not the pick again or play again ones) and can improve your poker hand by a lot.

If you get all the way to the 5th game, the ‘play again’ option becomes a 100 credits + 1 pick option instead.


Design and Setup of River Royale

Incredible Technologies (ITS) has made a lot of effort with this game, with some nice audio and visual touches. There is a piano led tune playing, which really does come from the steamboat era. In the background of the reels you’ll see the waters of the Mississippi, and the flipping banknotes have characters from those boats – as well as items like the paddle-wheels on them. The different denominations are all colored, making it easy to quickly spot your wins during play.

Animations are mixed – for me the coin fountain and rain of banknotes kick in a little too soon. A 200-coin win is not usually a cause for a big celebration! Other animations like the symbols moving to and from the money reel, and the cards moving to create your hand in the bonus game are nicely done, if a little understated compared to many of today’s slots.

You can ‘spin’ River Royale for just 30c, though there is a good reason to increase this bet – at least to 90c per spin. This is explained in the instructions, and is due to the better returns for bigger bets over time. You get good odds for 30, better odds for 60c and the best between 90c and the top spin amount of 300c.

Overall Experience

I like the way that the ‘Money’ concept has been adapted for this slot. The steamboat casino era must have been an amazing time – and while this can’t be completely recreated, ITS have bought a lot of the atmosphere to this game. There are plenty of winning opportunities in the base game – especially with the money reel system in play. The biggest wins will come from the bonus game. With the help of a wild, and some extra picks – you might find yourself holding 5 of a kind!

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