Money Roll Slot Game

The ‘Money’ range of slots have been popular in live casinos for many years. These use a system where you get paid based on the amount of banknotes of the same denomination you see on the screen – rather than using win lines. Most of this range have symbols which flip individually, not using reels in the usual sense. Examples include Money Beach and Money Rain (including a new deluxe version).

With the brand new Money Roll, Incredible Technologies has taken this popular format – and moved is back towards more traditional slot gaming. The scatter wins still appear, though this time reels spin to shuffle them up on the screen. Instead of the extra wheel or ‘6th reel’ format, there are now special symbols among the banknotes which can add extra wins and mystery reels which reveal stacked symbols. Best of all, you can double the size of the reels in play during the free spins bonus round.


How to Win on Money Roll

One thing which keeps the entire series of ‘Money’ slots popular is that you quickly tune in to the scatters winning system. Win-lines in the normal slot sense are not used. Instead you win any time you get 5 or more of the same symbol in view. These symbols are colored banknotes, each with a separate figure (denomination) printed on it. You win that denomination multiplied by the number of notes in view – for example 7 notes at 100 coins = a 700-coin win.

The denominations range from 1 coin all the way through to 500 coins – and with a 5 by 4 grid on the screen you could hit up to 20 of the same note on any one regular spin.

Some special base-game features certainly liven things up. First are the mystery reels. You’ll be spinning as normal, and some of the reels will hit covering in question marks instead of the usual symbols. These then change after they land into the same symbol – easily giving you 5 of a kind and often many more.

Second, there is a ‘fast lines’ symbol which can hit at any time. This brings back the concept of a win-line (though only for a moment). The banknotes you have in the line going directly from left to right become a win. Next you will see this line expand and 3 money bags appear below it. Your task here is to choose one to reveal your win multiplier – which is then applied to the total of the notes on that line. This is an innovative feature which can quickly add wins.

Free Spins Bonus Game

You need 5 of the free spins symbols to appear and to be connected to trigger the free spins bonus round. You start with just 8 free spins, though there is a special twist in the game which can make these very profitable. In addition, the main set of reels, the top part of the cabinet shows a full second set. This is joined to the first reels, so it is the total number of notes the same you hit on both sets which count towards your wins. This makes it much easier to hit 5 of a kind – and will often result in many more than that.

You can retrigger this free spins bonus game up to a maximum of 100 free spins each time. Unlike many of the older ‘Money’ themed game, this one does not include a 6th reel or a progressive jackpot. The chance of huge coverage during the free spins should make up for this in terms of potentially big wins.


Design and Setup

The game looks bright and bold, and shares many design features with the other ‘Money’ slots – especially when it comes to the colored banknotes on the reels. It has a fast and modern feel to it, with very smooth animations and game-play. This slot appears to have a brand new (though equally cheesy) song for the bonus game!

Like most Incredible Technologies slot games, you can spin for just 40c and up, with the next bets being multiples of this amount.

Overall Experience

Money Roll is not as different to regular slots as the rest of the Money range. It does manage to keep the scatter game-play, which is definitely enhanced by having mystery reels. The ‘fast win’ symbols add a nice random touch too. I think this game has the potential to introduce people to the wider money range who might have been unsure of the game-play in the original games. Fans of those originals should enjoy this new game too.

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