Money Rain Slots Machine

This slot uses the ‘scatter’ pays system used in the rest of the ‘Money’ range from Incredible Technologies (ITS). Win lines are not used at all, instead you get paid based on how many banknotes of the same denomination are visible on the reels – with 5 needed to qualify.

There is also a unique flipping system, which means that Money Rain has no reels as well as no win lines. To add to the interest, you can trigger an additional ‘money reel’ during regular play. This will add many identical winning symbols to the reels. There is also a free spins round, and random wins sometimes come in, accompanied by the sound of rain.


How to Win on Money Rain

One thing about the game play that I like on Money Rain is that it is easy to calculate your wins. Since all of the winning symbols are banknotes (complete with pictures of former presidents), this is just a matter of how many notes you get above 5 on the reels. For example, if you see 6 notes highlighted after a spin, each saying 50 on the, then that is a 300 credit win for you.

The smallest banknote is just 1 coin, with the biggest 500 coins. The grid of the reels is 5 by 3, meaning that 15x 500 is possible if you cover the screen in the highest note. This makes a 7500 coin return possible at the minimum 30 credit bet.

Sometimes when you are spinning a rain effect will come in, along with this a group of the same note appears on the reels before they stop spinning. This gives you a win with the minimum 5 notes, though when the regular spin stops this can add 1 or more additional notes of the same value to increase your win.

Money Reel Feature

You will see simple green dollar signs with a yellow background on the reels from time to time. Things get interesting when you hit 4+ of these. You will see an animation where they go to the separate reel on the right hand side, which then comes to life and spins. In the middle of this reel is an arrow (in a box) and whichever of the symbols which stops here will fly out over the reels, replacing the spots where the dollar signs were. Usually (though not guaranteed) you will make a win with these symbols when you start with 4. If you start with 5 or more dollar signs then of course your win is guaranteed.

Free Spins Game

Free spins symbols also appear randomly on the reels, if you are lucky enough to hit 12 of them, then you will trigger a huge 50 free spins. While this game is ongoing you get a catchy tune, which has the feel of bad 1980’s pop (to my ears at least!). The game play is essentially the same, with the only difference being in the 6th ‘money reel’. For start you will trigger this reel with just 3 of the dollar signs anywhere on the reels. Second the lowest denomination banknotes have been removed from the money reel – increasing your chances of hitting a bigger win.

You can retrigger free spins while playing with more of the free spins symbols.

Design and Setup

The feel of this game, particularly the flipping individual banknotes instead of spinning reels, does take a little getting used to. It moves in a similar way to an old school train timetable board. Fortunately, it only takes a couple of spins to be able to quickly spot the winning combinations, which are lit up to make sure they are easily visible. The bills themselves are multi-colored, though not in a bold or brash way. The presidents on them are bigger than on a real bill, and have a happy, cartoon-like look to them.

Animations include a big bolt of lightning in front of the reels, and the symbols going to and from the money reel. While these are nicely done, this game has a basic look and feel overall, with the focus being on the game play and not the graphics.

You can play from 30c up to $3, with the odds (return to player) percentages getting better as your stakes increase.

Overall Experience

For a novel game which is completely different to most casino slots, Money Rain makes an interesting choice. If you do not mind the flickering symbols, and that 1980’s style song during the free spins round, this can be an entertaining game! The highlight is certainly the free spins bonus round, where the bigger notes in the money reel can make a significant difference.

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