Money Rain High Denom Slots

With the unique system of flipping symbols and scatter wins – Money Rain might seem a strange game to become a big hit in the world of live casino slots. It turned out that people enjoy the ‘Money’ titles so much, that these have turned into a whole series of slots. Most have money mentioned somewhere in the title, though others using the same concept include the entertaining River Royale.

Incredible Technologies’ (known as ITS) slots usually work in fixed multiples of 30c or 40c per spin – topping out at $3.20c or $4. For many high rollers and those who enjoy splashing out in high limit rooms now and again, these stakes are not high enough. For this reason, ITS has created a High Denomination version of Money Rain, in their popular ‘Infinity U23’ cabinet.


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How the Unique Money Rain Game Play Works

Before you start spinning for high stakes, here is an overview of how the unique scatter wins game play works on Money Rain.

There are no win-lines at all on this slot. Instead you will win prizes any time 5 or more of the same symbols appear anywhere on the reels. You will also have no need to check against a pay table, since the prizes are already written on the symbols!

These are banknotes, albeit colorful ones, with the pictures of ex-Presidents in cartoon style on each one. When you get 5 or more of a kind on the screen, your win is simply the total of the numbers on the banknotes. The biggest one is 500, so you’ll win 500x 7 (if you got 7 in view) at the coin size you were playing.

When you hit the spin button there are no spinning reels. Instead each of the banknotes will flip around individually. The closest likeness I can come up with is the old style train timetables from stations, which would flip around when showing a new arrival time.

You’ll quickly tune into how the base game works – and be ready to hit the different features.

Money Rain High Denom Features

The first feature involves a 6th reel which you will see to the side of the standard grid. Unlike the others, this one will actually spin – though only under certain circumstances.

You need to hit 5+ of the dollar signs on the regular reels to bring the 6th reel to life. There is an animation where all of those dollars go to the special reel, which then spins. Whatever banknote lands in the center of this reel then flies back out again, replacing the squares where the dollar sign landed. This can either trigger a win on its own, or combine with any existing notes of that denomination to create an even bigger win.

The other bonus game is a free spins round. This is triggered with free spin symbols, with 3 needed to get 10 spins up to 50 spins for a set of 5. The game play is essentially the same during the free spins, with the 6th reel still in play. You can retrigger for even more spins as you go.


Design and Setup

Money Rain certainly has a unique design, though you really have to play it to see how different things are from regular slots. If you are playing the high denomination version, then those big wins which trigger a ‘rain’ of dollar bills as well as a fountain of coins over the reels should be more common!

While the design (even of the Deluxe Version) is nothing too special, there are some nice touches. I like the cheerful looking Presidents, and the way that the notes are color coded to make it easy to spot your wins. The animations with symbols going to and from the 6th reel are also nicely drawn.

From the information provided by ITS, it looks like individual casinos will have a lot of flexibility in setting the minimum and maximum bets on this game in their high limit rooms.

Overall Experience

I am sure high rolling players will welcome the fact that this surprisingly popular hit slot can now be played for more than the previous $3.20c limit. The unique game play sounds strange at first, though it is easy to spot your wins and has proven popular enough to spawn many variations. With the help of the 6th reel and / or free spins – you could turn those high denomination bets into some very big wins!

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