Money Beach Slot Machine

This slot is one of several titles in the ‘Money’ range, created by software house Incredible Technologies. Other titles include Money Rain (which has its own variations) and Money Roll. The game-play is different to that on most slots – though very easy to pick up. Instead of lining up symbols, all of them are ‘scatters’. You’ll be paid each time you hit 5 or more of the same symbol anywhere on the reels. All of the symbols are made to look like banknotes (in different colors) with the presidents in shades on each one. In addition, there is a wheel to the left of the reels which can generate more symbols, and a free spins bonus game. The link to the beach comes from the background graphics – and occasional entertaining extras, which include a surfing Abraham Lincoln.


How to Win on Money Beach

You will not need a pay table to spot how much each win is worth on this slot, as all of the numbers are right there on the screen. Each of the colored banknotes has a number from 1 up to 500. You collect wins when you get 5 or more in the 5 by 3 grid, and that win is the total of the banknotes.

For example, 5 of the 20’s will get you 100 coins, while 8 of the 500’s will win 4000. While it appears possible to hit more than one note at a time in 5 or more places, I have not seen the slot do this and so assume that 1 win per spin is programmed as the max.

Another unusual aspect of this slot is that the notes do not spin around on reels. Each one spins individually, almost like an old-school train timetable.

Money Wheel Extras

There are simple dollar signs on the reels, which trigger a wheel-of-fortune type wheel which sticks out of the right hand side of the reels. This has the different denominations of banknotes on it, and also the free spin symbol. When it stops that symbol is multiplied and sent back out onto the reels. This can easily turn a losing spin into a big winner, particularly if you had a few of that denomination already present on the reels. This money wheel can trigger free spins by stopping on the free spins symbol, it is also active during the free spins bonus game.

Money Beach Free Spins Bonus Round

5+ of the free spins symbols will trigger a free spins game – where you will start with between 10 and 20 free spins. The game-play is essentially the same as the main game for this, with a counter for your remaining spins underneath the money wheel, and a counter for your wins underneath the reels.

You can retrigger between 5 and 20 more spins as you play by hitting more of the free spin symbols.

Design and Setup

The design (and in particular the movement of the symbols when they spin) does take a little getting used to. Symbols appear to flicker rather than spin, and then stop in a slightly crazy sequence. It only takes a couple of minutes to tune in and start to enjoy the game. There are some nice touches with the graphics – some of them quite humorous. One example is that you will get a fountain of beach balls (rather than coins) when you hit a big win. There are also small interludes where you will see Lincoln Surfing or other presidents raising their sunglasses and grinning.

Animations where the symbols come out of the money wheel are more simple. You’ll be happy to see those, as they usually come with a win of some kind.

As with most Incredible Technologies slots, you will play this game in increments of 40 cents (or 1c per coin) up to $2. There are no win-lines as such, with every win triggered by the total number of banknotes anywhere in view.

Overall Experience

If you are looking for something refreshing and different from slot games, then Money Beach should be on your shortlist. This slot combines novel game play with the chance of landing some big wins, without ever needing to line up symbols on a win-line. I like the money wheel feature, which spits out wins reasonably frequently, while free spins that you can retrigger are always welcome too. Best of all, Money Beach does all of this with a twist of humor!

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