Medusa The Quest of Perseus Slot

The myth of the Medusa is one of the best known from Greek mythology. It involves a woman with a head of snakes who was so hideous that anyone looking at her would turn to stone. To cut a long story short, a tough guy called Perseus used his polished shield as a mirror, and cut off her head!

This story makes an excellent basis for a live casino slot game, which Incredible Technologies (ITS) has now created. The gameplay is almost the same as Leonidas, King of the Spartans – with the gaze of Medusa replacing the rain of arrows during the free spins bonus round.


How to Win on the ITS Medusa Slot

Key to getting big wins from this slot are the stacked symbols. These will often cover all 4 of the spots on each reel, and if you are lucky multiple reels at the same time. When you get this in combination with some wild symbols, you’ll often be paid on a good number of the 40 win-lines at once – which more than balances the individually smaller line wins.

Perseus is the best paying symbol, and when he hits the first reels in stacked format he will draw his shield over his golden armor. This will cause the 3rd reel and onwards to speed up in anticipation of landing more wilds. Sometimes you will see the entire 5 by 4 grid covered in the best symbol. The maximum payout for a min bet spin (40c) on this slot is a very generous 40,000 coins.

Other unique symbols on the reels include a statue, Greek urn, a guy with dark hair looking downwards (avoiding the gaze of the Medusa I assume), and playing card symbols which have been designed with that angular ancient Greece look that many other slot software houses have used.

During regular play you will see wild symbols on the reels, these substitute to make wins as usual. The regular wilds disappear during the free spins bonus game, replaced by sticky wild symbols instead.

Medusa: The Quest of Perseus Free Spins Bonus Game

You need two of the Medusa bonus symbols to trigger the free spins game. This will take you to a screen where you will randomly choose an extra to help you on your quest. There are 6 options in a strip which moves across the screen, you will tap to slowly bring it to a stop.

Extras include more free spins (5, 4 or 3), a sticky wild reel, a 2x wild sticky symbol – or some instant cash credits (5x your bet).

During the free spins, there is a new aspect to the action. After every spin, Medusa appears with her back to you in front of the reels. Any of the warrior symbols then draw their shields. Medusa gazes at them with a green glow coming from her eyes. Most will turn to stone, though some will show her reflection on their shields and become sticky wilds for the rest of the bonus round.

As the game goes on you will have more and more of these sticky wilds, meaning the last few spins have the potential to be very profitable. There are some good sound effects, with Medusa taunting Perseus, and even giving grudging congratulations for a big win (‘while it lasts’).

Design and Setup of ITS’ Medusa Slot

Overall this game has a very vivid and modern design. ITS has done a great job of turning Medusa into a real monster, rather than some cartoon parody. When she appears looking at you in front of the reels for the first time, this can be a little shocking.

There are smaller animations on the reels, for example Perseus drawing his shield. These are attractively done, though do not really compete with the excellent graphics an animations of the free spins game. Even the background labyrinth scene is worth checking out the slot to see.

With 40 win lines and a 1c minimum bet, you can spin from 40c up to $2 on this game.

Overall Experience

Even with so many Greek Myth type slots around (especially based on the Medusa and Zeus), this game does a great job of standing out from the crowd. The graphics and effects would be worth checking out the slot for on their own. Once you get into the game play, particularly during the free spins game, you’ll find this an engaging and entertaining slot which has the potential for some big wins.

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