Hauntsworth House Slot Machine


Some haunted house type casino slots aim to be dark and sinister, though Hauntsworth House from Incredible Technologies is decidedly light-hearted in nature.

The symbols are ghosts, rats and ravens, and there is a multi-level progressive jackpot to be won. One thing which makes this stand out (in addition to the usual ITS bold and colorful design) is that ghost symbols float over the top of the regular symbols when you spin. These sometimes land to turn symbols wild (or are jackpot symbols), adding a new twist to the game play.

There is also a pick-em game where you will go through several rooms full of ghosts and try to unlock some treasure.

How to Win on Hauntsworth House

There are some reasonably big wins from lining up the right symbols, and with 40 win lines in play you will often find spins where you hit multiple pay outs at the same time. Wild symbols award the biggest single prize, with 2500 coins for 5 on a line. These are not like regular symbols, they are ghosts (classic under the sheet type ghosts, only green) which float randomly over the reels going downward when you spin. If they stop on top of a black cat, rat, bat or raven, then that symbol turns green – becoming wild. You’ll make plenty of extra wins with these wilds substituting for all the regular symbols (everything except for the golden Chinese dragons).

A portrait picture of a couple (presumably the ghostly owners of Hauntsworth House) is the next best paying symbol. This is worth 1000 coins for 5, 500 for 4 and 100 for just 3. Three more portraits make up the top tier symbols, with the animals (which each have an eerie colored glow to them) padding out the smaller wins – at least when they are not turned into better paying wilds.

Chinese dragons appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 and have a very effective, slightly demonic laugh when they do land. These will trigger the second screen pick-em type bonus game.

Progressive Jackpot Bonus

Jackpot symbols which are like flame with a cartoon ghostly face on them are the final symbol on the reels. These are scatter symbols, which pay out from 4+ on the reels in any position. 4 gets you 5 times your total bet for that spin, while 5 up to 9 in view gets you progressive jackpot wins ranging from just a few dollars to a potential 5 figure score.

The Ghastly Break Out Ghost Picking Bonus Game!

The game which is triggered by the 3 dragons is a simple, though graphically very good, pick-em type game. There are 4 rooms, which are very detailed and take up the whole screen. Inside each you will find 8 ghosts, which are the classic white ‘under a sheet’ types, floating in the air. You get 6 picks for your first room, and tap to select a ghost. This reveals either a coin amount, which will accumulate during the game, or a golden key. Hitting the key means you move through to the next room, this time with 5 picks, where the prizes are higher. If you hit the key again you move to room 3 (same design, different colored glow) and try again.

If you reach the final room, there are two chests. You pick one of these and win up to 1200 coins in addition to whatever amounts you picked up in the 3 rooms with the ghosts.

Design and Setup

Like many ITS games, this is smart, bold and colorful – catching your eye on the casino floor with its mix of glowing neon symbols. The ghosts floating over the reels are very well done, though it can be frustrating if they wiz past without stopping. There are coin fountain type animations for big wins and a notification for any 5 of a kind wins too. The graphics step up for the pick-em round – though the game itself is very simple.

You can play Hauntsworth House from 40 credits, with a max bet of 320 per spin.

Overall Experience

For me this slot fits into the category of ‘worth a spin, but unlikely to be a long term favorite’. All the ingredients are in place, with the wilds and jackpot symbols adding to the regular game play and the break out game giving you a break from the reels. I can see this slot having appeal, though there are other more engaging numbers in the Incredible Technologies portfolio.

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