Fired Up Slots Machine

For the most part, 3 reel slots focus on traditional slot gaming – without the free spins, extra on-reel features or break out bonus games of their 5 reel counterparts.

Fired Up from ITS breaks the mold a little, both in how the game looks and feels, and the fact that there is a multi-level wheel type bonus game involved.

This slot also has 5 levels of progressive jackpots (max bet is required to trigger any of these). The symbols you will find on the reels are very traditional, with sevens, cherries and bars all making an appearance. However, the way these are presented, and the overall liveliness of the game is anything but traditional.

How to Win on Fired Up

There are 30 win-lines across the 3 reels of this game. This covers every combination from the left easily, making it easy to spot winners. You’ll need all 3 symbols to trigger any of the wins. The best paying symbols are the red (slightly flaming) sevens, which are worth 2500 coins for 3. These are followed by the bar symbols, which come in their usual 3, 2 and 1 format. 3x 3 bars wins 500 coins, 2 bars get 250 coins and 1 bars 150 coins. If you mix any 3 types of bar symbol on a pay-line, then you get a consolation prize of 25 coins.

Green dollar symbols are the only non-traditional graphic on the reels (other than the bonus symbol) and these are worth 100 coins for 3. Bells (75) and cherries (50) make up the smaller wins.

While you can play between 30 and 150 credits per spin, there are no enhanced regular pay outs for the last coin like you will find on many other 3 reel slots. The key advantage of choosing 150 credits is that you can win the (single machine) progressive jackpots.

The final symbol says ‘bonus’ and shows a colorful cylindrical reel. This can trigger the break out bonus game – and can also directly trigger the progressive jackpot prizes.

If you get 3 or 4 bonus symbols in view, then you will go to the bonus game. If you get between 5 and the maximum 9 then you will win one of the progressive jackpots on the spot instead.

Fired Up Slot Break out ‘Power Tower’ Bonus Game

For a start the graphics for the bonus feature look great. You’ll see a tower of 3 cylindrical reels from the perspective of flying over (and down). The reels are held in an elaborate golden contraption. You will land on the bottom wheel and click to spin.

This can land on one of 3 things. A credit amount, which will pay that prize and end the game is the most common colored segment. There are also credit amounts with a curved arrow and the word ‘respin’ next to them – which give you that prize and then let you spin again. If you are lucky you will get one of the red ‘level up’ segments. These also pay credit prizes, and let you move up to the next level where the prizes are bigger.

The same pattern repeated at the last 2 levels, with the final wheel also awarding random respins after winning the (larger) credit amounts.

Design and Setup of Fired Up

ITS produce many bright and lively slots, and Fired Up fits right in with them. There are some design elements which at least acknowledge the heritage of 3 reel slots. The white backing of the reels and the light / reflection details on the symbols (and the choice of traditional symbols at all).

You’ll find that the flames, sounds and effects are very much up to date. When you hit the bonus game things get much more similar to regular (5 reel) video slots in feel. The smoothness of the animation of the Power Tower is excellent.

30 win-lines is the default for this game, which covers all the possible combinations from the left. If you do want a shot at the progressive jackpots, remember to play the maximum 150 credits (you can spin from 1c and up). If you play less than this, then the top prize for 9 of the bonus symbols is 15,000 coins instead.

Overall Experience

I think ITS have made a good strategic move with Fired Up. Many players prefer the traditional slots, with their less fancy base game. Those players can enjoy that, and still have the extra interest from the chance of one of 5 progressive jackpots (from hitting 5+ of the bonus symbols in a single spin) or the Power Tower wheel bonus. With 30 win-lines in play, you’ll sometimes hit more than one win at the same time (particularly with the mixed bars).

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