Dinero Loco Slots Machine


This slot has a distinctively Mexican feel. Like many Incredible Technologies (ITS) games, this is a lively and entertaining number. The name translates as ‘Crazy Money’.

There are 4 progressive jackpots which are won via the gold coin collection aspect of one of the bonus features. Graphically this slot looks amazing, with oversized curved reels and happy Mexican music playing – you certainly won’t be able to miss it on the casino floor!

How to Win on Dinero Loco

Many of the symbols on the reels are bank notes. Instead of austere historical figures on them, you’ll find much more colorful characters – for example a lady and a guy made up in ‘day of the dead’ makeup. These have numbers on them which correspond to their value, which makes spotting your wins very easy. If you get 5 on a win line with 20 written on them, then you have won 100 – it is that simple. When you win the banknotes twist around to match where the non-straight win-lines are going, making it easy to see how the wins are happening too.

One extra I really liked about this game is that you are shown the effect of your bet size on the odds of winning. On many games, betting more on each spin gives you a higher RTP. With Dinero Loco, you get a meter which goes from ‘good odds’ to ‘better’ and so on. Bets are in increments of 1c per line, or 40c to cover all 40 win lines.

The only special symbols on the reels are colorful wheels with the word ‘bonus’ on them. If you hit 3+ of these then you go to the initial wheel round, which can trigger 2 different second screen bonuses or award bonus credits.

Dinero Loco Bonus Games

The first wheel has only 8 colored segments and appears behind the door of an imposing looking safe. You swipe the screen to spin, and have 2 segments with different bonus games and 6 segments with various coin amounts (these depend on how much you are playing for). The bonus segments say ‘Money Catch’ and ‘Progressive Piñata’.

Money catch is an entertaining game where you need to click lots of banknotes floating through the air as quickly as you can. You simply tap them (it is hard to miss, as the screen fills up with them) revealing a coin amount each time. These are collected up below the reels, with some bigger wins possible if you get lucky.

Progressive Piñata has two aspects to it. The main game is that you have 20 picks, and need to choose from 4 colorful toy animals which hang down from the top of the screen on pieces of string. Each time you pick one a coin amount is revealed, and sometimes you also get a gold coin. Each time you hit a coin this moves up to the top screen, and fills a hole next to one of the jackpots. There are 4 jackpots in total ranging from Poco (little) to the Loco (crazy) level. When your 20 picks are completed, you will get the jackpot which corresponds to the highest completed level of gold coins in addition to the credits from the regular picks. This is an entertaining game, and the wins can be on the larger side.

Design and Setup of Dinero Loco

To say this slot is colorful and lively would be a bit of an understatement. It makes a big effort to be over the top, and succeeds at this while maintaining a certain humor and very entertaining game play. The symbols are unique, with the day of the dead combined with banknotes – the way they twist to show you wins is also a nice touch.

When you hit the bonus games the graphics go to a new level (and the Mexican music gets a lot livelier too). The bank vault looks very effective and the colored animals pick-em game is also nicely done.

Underneath the brash exterior this is a 40-line video slot with a 5×3 layout – you can bet from 40c through to $2 per spin (quite possibly more in some high roller rooms), and a meter to show you the improving odds of bigger bets.

Overall Experience

This is an excellent game, which manages to balance the ‘Loco’ with the ‘Dinero’ very well. The over the top style and music comes with some innovative game play options, and a very nicely designed theme – one for the shortlist for your next casino visit.

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