Crazy Money Slot from Incredible Technologies

This was the original slot using a unique win-lines layout, which has proven to be very popular. Not only do you get angled wins as well as regular ones – but the amount you win depends on the denomination of the banknotes which are used as symbols. When you hit a winning combination, you simply add up the values on display to get you your total.

Crazy Money also has an entertaining bonus game, where you’ll have seconds to grab as many floating banknotes as you can by tapping the screen.

How to Win on Crazy Money

Like the majority of live casino slots you’ll win when you land consecutive symbols from left to right, although there are a few notable additions in this game, due to the ‘Angle Pay’ feature. This adds a number of unusually placed win lines, such as diagonal wins from the top of reel 3 to the bottom of reel 5, or from the top of reel 4 to the middle of reel 5. This makes for a slot with a difference and the first few times you play this game you might well be in for a few surprise wins! You will quickly tune into the new layout, with the symbols at different angles all counting as wins on different lines.

The payouts on this slot are incredibly easy to work out due to the ‘ClearWin’ system. You’ll simply add up all the notes on a win line to see how much you have won. For example, land four five dollar bills on a win line and you’ll win them all, as the payout total will be $20.

You’ll find a nice variety of notes on the reels, including the one dollar bill, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars and even fifty dollars, this being the value that gives you the highest payouts. If you are seeking even bigger money, then there is a Crazy Money High Denom slot also available, this is designed for use in high limit slot rooms.

Grab Yourself the Crazy Money Feature Round

Alongside the notes you’ll also find a series of coins on the reels. Beneath the reels you’ll find five slots for coins to enter. If you manage to land five coins on the reels, each of these will now move to fill these slots, which will activate the ‘Money Catch’ bonus feature. This will see a golden vault rise up from the bottom of the reels and take up much of the screen. This vault will open and at this point the game does indeed go a little ‘crazy’. Money will now fly everywhere and you’ll select notes as they fly, the more money you grab the more cash you’ll win. The denomination of the money will be greater the higher the value of coins you use on the spin that activates the feature.

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