Crazy Money High Denom Slot Machine

Crazy Money is one of the most popular slots that Incredible Technologies (ITS) has produced and has spawned a number of updates and sequels.

This version of the game is basically the same as the original, although this has a slightly different configuration which means that it is ideal for rooms with higher limits and for VIP players. Like Crazy Money,  you’ll find that win amounts are particularly easy to identify as you’ll simply add up the sum of the notes on the screen in front of you.

You’ll also enjoy the ‘Angle Pays’ system and the highly enjoyable and energetic ‘Money Catch’ bonus game.

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  • How to Win on Crazy Money High Denom

    This slot has a total of 15 win lines, although a number of these are not what you would consider to be usual due to the ‘Angle Pays’ system. This means that some of the win lines pay diagonally. Examples of this include landing three diagonal symbols starting from the top of the middle reel running in a straight line down to the bottom of the right hand reel. The first time you play with this system these wins can come as a nice surprise – and it certainly makes for a unique game.

    There is no real need for a pay table at this game as you’ll simply win what appears on the reels, as the majority of the symbols are bank notes. For example, if you were to land five $1 bills on a win line, you’d pick up $5, while three $50 bills in a row will pay you $150. This makes the game very straightforward and explains why the ‘Crazy Money’ slots have gained so much appeal.

    The bank notes on the reels look exactly like the real thing, featuring George Washington on the dollar bill for example, or Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. This makes identifying the payouts even easier and makes the payouts more ‘real’ perhaps.

    Crazy Money High Denom Feature Round

    Alongside all of the bank notes on the reels you’ll also find a variety of coins. Along the bottom of the reels you’ll find five empty slots and if you can land five coins on any spin you’ll fill all of these slots and activate the bonus feature. This feature sees a golden bank vault appear from the bottom of the reels and take up much of the screen, before opening and revealing the game itself. This feature sees bank notes flying all around and you’ll try and collect as many of these as you can by tapping the screen. Your aim is to catch as many as 25 bills and you’ll have the opportunity of winning between 563 and 1687 credits.

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    Design and Setup

    Crazy Money High Denom isn’t the most visually striking of live casino slots, each of the reels have something of a dull grey color. However, each of the dollar bills does have a colorful outline which does add some contrast to the mundane reels, while the copper and gold found either side of the reels do make the game a little more enticing. In some ways however, the somewhat basic look of the slot does add to the experience – this slot focusing on the cash with no added frills. The upbeat soundtrack is a nice accompaniment to the action on the reels.

    The game has a set number of 15 win lines, although you can enjoy each spin for 15, 30 or 45 credits. Operators can set the coin denominations which can include quarters, fifty cents, dollar and two dollars which will ensure that the game can be made suitable for high rollers and high limit slots areas. Crazy Money High Denom is available exclusively on the Infinity® U23 cabinet and utilizes its video control panel configuration to communicate new bet options and drive coin-in.

    Overall Experience

    If you’re looking for something a little different from the original ‘Crazy Money’ game, you’re probably looking in the wrong place (try Crazy Money II or Crazy Money Deluxe instead). This is exactly the same game, just designed with players of a higher bankroll in mind. Crazy Money High Denom is a very enjoyable game – the straightforward nature of the game-play has a real charm, while the bonus game is one that you’ll certainly want to land again and again.