Crazy Money Slot Machine Review

The original Crazy Money slot machine was an innovative video slot that became hugely popular at casinos. The game introduced dollar bills on the reels, with players able to spin and line up consecutive notes on a win line, winning their combined money amounts. This Incredible Technologies manufactured slots game also introduced ‘Angle Pays’, as well as a very exciting ‘Money Catch Bonus’ round.

The Crazy Money Deluxe version of the online slots game subsequently has all of the original features, with one huge addition. Crazy Money Deluxe has a large 55-inch Sky Wheel above the main video slot game. You are then able to spin this Sky Wheel and win some large money amounts, alongside one of four progressive jackpots.

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  • How to Win on Crazy Money Deluxe

    The Crazy Money Deluxe slot machine has 15 win lines, with the ‘Angle Pays’ feature allowing some of these lines to pay diagonally. The win amount is straightforward, too. For example, landing five $10 bills on a win line will pay you $50.

    The main difference between playing Crazy Money Deluxe and Crazy Money centers around the bonus feature. In the original Crazy Money slot game, you collect coins to activate the “Money Catch” bonus round. In the Deluxe version, however, you’ll collect three or more ‘bonus wheel’ symbols to trigger both the bonus game and the power wheel bonus.

    Crazy Money Deluxe Feature Round

    Landing the bonus feature will release a power wheel of fortune style bonus round, where you’ll find a number of colorful segments on the wheel. The three different Sky Wheel bonus outcomes that you can play and enjoy are:

    Credit Amount – The majority of segments contain a credit amount, some worth more than others. Furthermore, winning a credit amount will make a smaller Sky Wheel appear in the center. This has five segments, four of which contain multipliers (2x, 3x, 4x or 5x). The other gives you a re-spin of the large power wheel. The multiplier is applied to your credit amount, potentially allowing for some major wins.

    Jackpots – Four of the segments win you immediate Jackpots. The largest of these is the Grand Jackpot, which starts at a whopping $10,000, with smaller Major, Minor and Mini jackpots available.

    Money Catch – If you land on the bonus segment you’ll enter the money catch bonus feature, which is such a big part of the original game. You can receive up to 100 picks in this round. Each pick is then used to grab money as it flies over the screen, with each note showing a prize in coins.

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    Design and Setup

    Crazy Money Deluxe is a standout slot machine at any casino. The slot game’s large 55 inch vertical monitor rises high above its standard cabinet and draws you in to play from any part of the casino floor. The base game’s graphics have been updated too, while this deluxe slot’s soundtrack has been given an overhaul that really gets you in the money winning mood.

    This Incredible Technologies video slot has a fixed 15 win lines, which you can play for 60, 120, 180, 240 or 300 coins. You’ll have to play for the maximum of 300 coins, though, to have a chance of experiencing a money rain and scooping one of the slots four progressive jackpots.  These jackpots can either be set as standalone progressives or be linked with other games that make use of the Skybox cabinet.

    Overall Experience

    Incredible Technologies’ original Crazy Money slot delighted many casino players, but really moves the action up a gear. The Sky Wheel bonus game is just fantastic, while the cash credit round features added multipliers, giving your even more ways to enjoy a really nice session. Of course, hitting one of the four jackpots is something that any chiphungry slots player would also welcome during a nice session.

    Finally, the Money Catch round is an incredibly entertaining feature that could net you a lot of chips. Slot players wanting a freebie, free chips or who would prefer to try out for free before parting with their money, however, can do so online at