Brush with Fortune Slot from Incredible Technologies

It’s the first word of the title of this slot that is the important one, as this slot is based around the great paintings of the world.

On the reels you’ll find such classic works of art as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Two Ladies on a Terrace by Renoir and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, in fact paintings are the only symbols you’ll find on the reels.

This slot has very original gameplay as you can completely forget about your standard win lines or all ways formats, while a free spins bonus round could see a large number of free games heading your way.

How to Win on Brush with Fortune

Unlike almost every other slot on the casino floor, this game sees every symbol act like a scatter symbol. This means that to win, you’ll need to land any of the paintings five or more times across any of the reels. Landing five will give you the smallest payout for each of the famed works of art, the payout rising as you land more, with the largest payouts reserved for landing the maximum fifteen. This slot doesn’t work with reels as such, as each of the fifteen symbols on show actually spin independently, although using the word spin isn’t exactly right either, as the symbols will flip from picture to picture until they eventually come to a stop.

At a more standard slot you might find that you’ll have a set number of 50 win lines which gives you 50 ways to win. At an all-ways slot you might find that you have 243 ways to win at any individual spin. Here however, you’ll actually have more than 25,000 ways to win due to the unique format. Incredible Technologies (ITS) has used this same format on the popular Money Rain and Crazy Money slots.

Brush with Fortune Features

The first feature is the free spins round which is activated by landing the Scream painting by Munch three or more times across any of the reels. You’ll start the feature with up to 15 free games, although as the round progresses you’ll quickly realize that the feature can be retriggered a little easier than many other slots. In fact, you can actually gain up to 100 free spins and if you can manage to get even anywhere near that your bankroll will receive a major boost.

The other bonus feature is a randomly allocated one called the ‘Auction Bonus’. This can come into play after any winning and sees the auction window appear to the right of the reels. You’ll see a number of coin values appear and these will spin, the window eventually coming to a stop and resting on one particular value. This value will now be added to your existing win giving you a nice cash boost. The ‘Auction Bonus’ is in play throughout both the base game and the free spins bonus round.

Design and Setup

You might think that a slot based around famous works of art would be a serious affair, but this Incredible Technologies design has a nice sense of humor at times. This is especially the case when you land a win with the Mona Lisa painting, which sees her don a red pair of shades and shows the ‘peace’ sign with her fingers, or when the self portrait of Van Gogh starts licking a brightly colored lollipop. With so many great paintings on the reels, this is obviously a slot packed with color and it’s certainly a game that will appeal to art aficionados. The flipping nature of each symbol is also very different to what you would find elsewhere, giving the slot even more of a unique air.

Despite having more than 25,000 ways to win, the scatter ways winning system comes at a fixed price of as little as 30 credits per spin. You’ll find a ‘good, better, best’ bet size feature, which shows you that the more credits you play for, the more likely you’ll be to retrigger the free spins during the feature. In all, the betting options are 30, 60, 90, 150 or 300 credits and each of these can be played at a coin value of 1c.

Overall Experience

If you’re someone who likes playing slots with a difference, Brush with Fortune might just be the game for you. Having a scatter symbol at a slot is not an original idea, but having every symbol act as a scatter certainly is! The fact that the fifteen symbols acts independently is also unique, while the flipping motion is also new. Throw in the randomly allocated bonus wins and the easily retriggered free spins feature round and you have an entertaining and original casino slot.

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