Bright 7’s Slot from Incredible Technologies

At first glance, Bright 7’s might seem like something of a standard 3 reel slot and let’s face it, for many players these 3 reel games are not generally as exciting as their 5 reel counterparts. However Bright 7’s does a great job of pushing the boundaries of the 3 reel game, offering the chance of winning one of three progressive jackpots in the base game.

The largest jackpot of all can be claimed during the bonus feature, not to mention some very big coin wins too. This slot will appeal to classic slots fans, with many of the symbols familiar to all slots fans.

How to Win on Bright 7’s

In the base game wins will simply come along when you land the same three symbols in a row. The highest paying symbols are the three golden sevens, worth a nice payout of 2,500 coins. These are followed by the green sevens and the red sevens, which pay 750 and 375 coins respectively. Looking down the pay table, you’ll actually realize that the gold, green and red color scheme is repeated throughout. The triple BAR symbol is gold, the double BAR symbol is green and the single BAR symbol is red. The final three symbols are the golden bell, the green dollar sign and the red cherries.

These repeating colors are very important as they hold the key to unlocking the lowest three progressive bonuses. To win any of these three bonuses you’ll need every single symbol on the reels to be of the same color. For example, if all nine symbols are a combination of the red sevens, the single BARs and the cherries, the red Jackpot will be heading your way immediately. The red Jackpot is actually the lowest of the three, the green Jackpot the middle one, while the gold Jackpot is the one you’ll want to land. It should be noted that to win any of the Jackpots on Bright 7’s you will need to be playing for the maximum stake.

Bright 7’s Power Tower Feature Round

Alongside all of the traditional symbols found at this Incredible Technologies (ITS) designed slot, you’ll also find a bonus symbol, which very helpfully has the word ‘bonus’ emblazoned across it. If you can manage to land three of these on a single reel, you’ll find yourself heading into the ‘Power Tower’ feature.

You’ll now see a screen showing four three dimensional spinning wheels stacked one on top of the other. At the bottom is the red wheel and you’ll see this spin first. Land on a credit amount and the money is yours and the feature is over. However, some of the segments show a credit amount and the words ‘level up’. Land on one of these and you’ll progress to the green wheel where the prizes are slightly bigger. Hit ‘level up’ again and you’ll progress to the gold wheel, the prizes bigger again. However, the wheel you really want to reach is the diamond one. Here the prizes are the biggest of all, while you’ll also find the most exciting segment of all – the one where the ‘diamond Jackpot’ is won, this offering the largest payout in the game.

Design and Setup

If you’re judging this slot solely on the base game, you might say that it has something of an outdated look, although classic slot fans will certainly appreciate the traditional symbols. However, if you can manage to enter the bonus feature, the graphics are much more eye catching, which only adds to the excitement of the bonus feature. There is nothing outdated about the accompanying sound either, the upbeat track really adding to the excitement levels when playing the slot. There certainly isn’t a lack of color when playing, that is for sure!

In total there are 30 lines in play at Bright 7’s, this number of lines fixed. You can therefore play for a minimum of just 30 credits, while you can also choose to play for 60, 90, 120 or 150 credits (150 credits being necessary to unlock all of the bonus features).

Overall Experience

Bright 7’s is one of the most enjoyable 3 reel slots you’ll find on the casino floor. At most games, the 2,500 coin payout for the golden 7’s might be the highlight, however here there is much more to this slot. The color based Jackpot payouts give the base game an added dimension, while the bonus feature is simply excellent, ensuring the excitement levels grow as you progress from wheel to wheel.

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