Astro Cat Slot from Incredible Technologies

As I describe Astro Cat, you might start to think that this innovative live casino slot sounds overly complicated. While there are certainly some brand new aspects to the setup and game play that you will not have come across before, once you start playing you’ll find that you ‘tune in’ very quickly. Once you do this, the large number of winning combinations, innovative ‘reflecta reels’ and big win possibility from the ‘mega spin’ will keep you coming back for more.

The cat in question is an Asian style lucky cat (the ones with a waving paw spring to mind). The rest of the symbols and the music complete the Asian theme. This is a great example of the live slots that Incredible Technologies (ITS) produce – and one which is certainly worth checking out!

The Reflecta Reel Setup of Astro Cat

There are 1296 ways to win on this slot, which uses a specially updated version of the ‘all-ways’ system. The layout has 8 reels, with reels 1, 2, 7 and 8 each having 3 rows of symbols – and the middle 4 reels all having 4 rows of symbols.

The twist in how this works is that all of those middle 4 reels are separate reel 3’s.

If you get a symbol in reels 1 and 2, then 7 and 8 – then any one of those symbols on the 4×4 grid in the middle makes a 5 of a kind. If you get one more in the middle this does not make a 6 of a kind win (5 is the max), instead this means you have 2x 5 of a kind wins. If you are lucky enough to get some wild symbols, then you’ll often hit a lot of wins at the same time using this system. As I said in the intro, it might sound complex, though in reality you will tune in very quickly and start enjoying the frequent (albeit smaller) wins.

Astro Cat Winning Combinations

Your biggest wins will come from scatter symbols, rather than regular ones. These are fire crackers which only appear in the outside positions of the 4×4 grid of the middle reels. 9+ of these in a single spin will get you a generous 25000 credit pay out, while 8 are worth 1250. These pay down to 5, which will get you 50 credits. Scatter symbols also trigger the free spins bonus game – though for reasons explained below they do not appear on the reels during the bonus game.

Regular winning symbols have smaller wins attached, the big prizes come when you hit multiple wins at the same time (which is reasonably common). The best paying is the colourful Chinese dragon, worth 250 coins for 5 of a kind. Next comes the frog at 150 for 5, then golden carp at 100, bonsai tree and fans will win 75 coins. Playing card symbols with golden edges make up the smaller wins.

The cat symbol has the word ‘wild’ written on it. This substitutes for the regular symbols (though not the fire crackers) to create more wins.

Free Spins Bonus Game

You will get 12 free spins when you trigger the bonus game, though if things go well you will win a 13th ‘Mega Spin’ which can really add significantly to your prizes. During the free spins cats (wilds) appear clockwise around the grid of the middle reels, and stay in place for each spin. The goal is to get 12 of these in place, without hitting a bottle of poison. If you hit the poison you get 2x your spin amount added to your prizes so far – and then the bonus game ends.

If you get all 12 cats, then you should be hitting some big wins already. As an extra prize you then get a 13th ‘mega spin’ where a giant cat symbol takes up the middle 4 spots on the middle reels – turning the entire grid wild. If you are lucky you can trigger 1296 wins at the same time on this spin!

Design and Setup

Overall the feel of this slot is a little on the hectic side, with the cats certainly very cute. The game shows you where the winning combinations come from by lighting up the winning squares in sequence, which does help you tune in to the new system fast. I love the animation for big wins, where the cat goes supersonic, flying around the screen in front of the reels while a coin fountain erupts.

You can play all 1296 winning combinations for just 50 credits, with the minimum spin being just 1c.

Overall Experience

This is a nicely produced slot and is sure to appeal to many live casino slots fans. The Asian themed games are an area ripe for some innovation, and Incredible Technologies has supplied this with their Reflecta Reels idea without taking too much away from the solid game play we know and love.

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