When you look at the history of Incredible Technologies, the parallel with some of the giants of the slot gaming world are striking. Better known by the acronym ITS, Incredible Technologies started back in 1985, with their first successes in the field of coin operated amusement games. Industry giant Bally started off with Pinball machines – a similar tale from a different age.

Today ITS have their amazing video slots in casinos in 17 States, as well as around the world. These games are bright and bold – and many include innovations in the game play which are at the cutting edge. This page covers all you need to know to get started with ITS slots. You’ll find some of the things that make these slots unique below, followed by some recommended games to check out next time you visit a casino. After that information on the history of this Chicago based company can be found.

ITS Slots Online Casinos

You’ll find some of the things that make these slots unique below, followed by some recommended games to check out next time you visit a casino. After that information on the history of this Chicago based company can be found.

I expect to see more innovations coming from Incredible Technologies in the future. You can find their games in the live casinos in 17 states – and in countries as diverse as Peru, the UK and Macau.

Incredible Technologies Slots Progressive Jackpots

You’ll find these slots in elegant cabinets, which are tall and slim (great for fitting more slots into a casino). These include the Infiniti U23, which is the newest cabinet. While the main action takes place on the lower screen, having tall upper screen allows progressive jackpots to be displayed – and of course graphics and design elements to be prominently displayed.

ITS Money Slots

One of the innovations which has been a big hit from Incredible Technologies is the ‘Scatter Pays’ system from their ‘Money’ slots. Titles using this include Money Rain and River Royale. Instead of reels, each of the banknotes symbols spins on its own. If you get 5 or more of the same denomination on the screen, you win that amount right away. These games are enhanced by a 6th reel which adds extra wins, and with different bonus games.

You will also find games with bonus rounds which involve ‘catching’ banknotes floating over the screen. To do this you tap the screen as fast as possible, with each banknote giving you a credit win. These games are very entertaining; you’ll find a great example in the bank heist bonus of the Winner of the West slot.

Angled Win Paylines from ITS: Crazy Money Deluxe

Many ITS slots have non-traditional win-line setups (all-ways is common). The Crazy Money titles pioneered angled wins. Here you will find some symbols on the reels sloping either from left to right or right to left. If you line these up on 5 win lines sloping in either direction, then you will trigger extra wins.

Top Picks of ITS Live Casino Slots

The ITS range including games for fans of traditional slots gaming as well as those who like the more diverse and complex slots. Below are my 3 picks for players who are new to these games, providing an overview of the many kind of games to expect.

  1. King of Bling: This live casino slot really pushes the boundaries of being ‘over the top’. The symbols are gold and diamonds, and there are a lot of randomly awarded bonus features during regular play. These are introduced by characters that appear (think of a cross between rap musicians and gangsters, including one that is a dog in a suit!) over the reels. The highlight is the DJ record scratching bonus – which is definitely a slots first for me.
  2. Money Rain Deluxe: This game is a great introduction to the banknotes with scatter pays format. After proving popular in the initial games, this system has been reused many times. Money Rain Deluxe upgrades the graphics and adds progressive jackpots compared to the original version – while maintaining the innovative game play.
  3. Leonidas Slots: King of the Spartans: My final pick uses innovative ‘battle’ game play during the free spins bonus round, bringing the Sparta theme to life. This has also been used to great effect in the Medusa themed game. With luck, you can end up with your army of Spartan warriors covering most of the reels – triggering many extra wins.

ITS Slots Reviews – Summing Up

For fresh and innovative live casino slots with genuinely different game-play options, ITS games are certainly worth a spin. While other slot makers are adding new free spin or pick-em games, Incredible Technologies have scatter pays slots, mirror-reels and angled-pay lines. You’ll still find big win potential, along with progressive jackpots for certain titles. Make sure you look out for ITS slots the next time you visit your local casino.