Twilight Zone Slots Machine

The Twilight Zone slots machine, developed by IGT, is a video slot game which comes in colorful 3D visuals. The progressive game revolves around The Twilight Zone – a popular television series from the 50s and 60s. Rod Serling – the creator of the original show features as the host of the game. This slot machine has both mega jackpot and multi-play features that will ensure fun throughout your time at the casino. It is one of the best ever slot machines produced by IGT, and the presence of several interesting features is sure to add to the frenzy. The game comes with five reels and 15 paylines and is fairly simple to understand and play thanks to IGTs simple yet effective design.

Since the Twilight Zone  slot machine is a 3D game, you can expect truly stunning visual effects. Rod is the host of the game, while other popular elements from the television series have been used as symbols. These include a lady, dinosaur, orb, space ship, eye, window and other creatures and monsters. The visualizations of some symbols become dynamic when they appear on the reels, making it look highly realistic to engage players. The sound effects require a special mention as they are intriguing, They are similar to the sound effects synonymous with the TV show. Catchphrases from the host also feature in the game to make it more interactive.

Features of the Twilight Zone Slots Machine

The gaming console designed for this slot game is very simple. Every option is clearly displayed on your screen so that you can select any with ease. Multi-way bets are supported by the slot machine. 125 credits is the highest bet that you’re allowed to place. The smallest amount you can wager in coin denominations is one cent, and each spin can reward you with a total prize of $1.25. Players cannot bet on paylines when using the multi-play feature. Twilight Zone is one of the slot machines that uses the 243 ways to win system, and players will find that their betting options will increase by more than 10 times. You can bet on as many paylines as you like with the multi-play feature, allowing you to play 25, 50, or 100 lines games.

Bonus Features

There are two major bonus features in Twilight Zone – the Bonus Zone and the Future Photo Bonus. The latter can be activated when three camera symbols appear on reels number one, two and three on your active paylines. You are required to choose one of the symbols on your screen in efforts to win award which could range between 25 and hundred credits. These credits are then multiplied with the initial bet to present you with potentially huge winnings.

The Bonus Zone round can be activated when three orb icons land on reels number one, two and three on your active paylines. One of the icons must be selected if you are to win free spins. This feature is also a sort of gateway to other rounds like Dimension Bonus and Free Spin Zone. Both features have the potential to reward you handsomely. The Twilight Zone slot game is connected to the Mega Jackpot bonus which can be activated when five Twilight Zone symbols appear on the 25th payline. Players must ensure that they have wagered the maximum bet if they are to claim this bonus. The scatter icon in this game is the eye. It provides an additional bonus of almost 600 credits if more than two of them appear on your active paylines.

The Twilight Zone – the TV Show

The American TV anthology series, the Twilight Zone is a set of unrelated incidents and contains horror, suspense, psychological thriller, science fiction, fantasy and drama themes. Each episode often concludes with an unexpected twist or a macabre. The critical success enjoyed by the show made it hugely popular not only in the United States, but the world over. Several thousand Americans were introduced to abstract ideas and serious science fiction through this show. Numerous works of literature have also been based on the original show designed by Rod Serling.

The tradition of the Twilight Zone was similar to that of earlier series such as Tales of Tomorrow – a show that ran between 1951 and 1953. The show also drew inspiration from radio programs like X Minus One, Dimension X and The Weird Circle. The level of success enjoyed by the Twilight Zone was huge and led to the creation of comic books, radio series, magazines, feature films and several other spin-offs spanning 50 years. The show is ranked fourth among the 60 greatest dramas in history, according to the TV Guide’s list. It has also won several accolades to cement its position among the best TV shows ever.

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