Triple Red Hot 777 Slots Machine

Eschewing illustrations of attractive men and women on its main screen in favor of the 7-7-7 characters familiar to generations of slot players, NYX Gaming Group’s Triple Red Hot 777 Slot provides straightforward online gameplay with its classic three-reel design.

Its simple approach to online slots will draw in players seeking that style for free and paid gaming on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This game is available online, in live casinos and includes a re-spin feature in addition to a progressive jackpot. The game is aimed at high limit players. If you prefer to play the penny slots, we suggest you check out some of the games on this list.

How to Play

The player begins with 1000 virtual dollars when starting a free game. The minimum line bet is $25, but can be increased to $30, $50, $100, $200 or higher. While many games offer 20 or more lines, Triple Red Hot 777 keeps things simple with five paylines, three horizontal and two diagonal. The more lines one bets on the better the odds are of winning.

Since it doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, the game’s largest payout is a line of three Triple Red Hot 3x symbols, which pays 20,000 times the line bet. A common winning spin is a combo of any three 7s, which results in winning five times the line bet. When three of the same type of 7 line up, one’s winnings increase. When the Triple Red Hot 3x symbol sits in a line win (e.g. with two other 7s), it triples the prize.

Another route to a big payout is the bonus game round. If three Bonus symbols appear in any position in the three reels’ windows, seven free spins are triggered. On every bonus spin a “Spitfire Multiplier” lights up, increasing every winning combo between two and seven times the normal payout. One can also win up to 700 additional free spins while playing the bonus game.

Pros and Cons

The game’s simplicity is a big plus for players who don’t want 30 paylines and confusing payouts. The repetitive “7” symbols make it easy to follow how and when one will win, while the game’s paytable explains everything clearly. This classic style extends to the game’s design which makes it look and sound like an old school analog slot machine. Triple Red Hot 777’s few leaps into more animated visuals and effects work well, from the colorful winning lines to the multicolored flames that get the player anticipating the bonus games.

The game’s biggest flaw is its high minimum bet. Many five-reel online slot games have a $1 minimum bet multiplied over 20-30 paylines. So while the player isn’t betting a lot of money, he or she does have a chance to win on dozens of lines. Here the minimum bet is $25, for one line. So the player isn’t getting very much play out of that bet. Also, its default bet of $125 ($25 x 5 lines) could trick a new unknowing player into betting too much too quickly. That default bet could also frustrate a seasoned player as he or she easily burns through 1000 fake (or, worse, real) dollars in 30 seconds.

The Game’s Appeal

One factor that determines who will like the Triple Red Hot 777 slot game has to do with the nature of a three-reel slot machine. There are many fewer combinations to be had on a three-reel, compared to a five-reel, and as a result there are fewer winning combinations.

As a result, this game won’t appeal to players looking for more chances of winning, betting flexibility and bigger potential payouts. Nor will it thrill people looking for the flash, dazzle, animated characters or pop culture imagery found in many five-reel video slot machines.

But this online slot game will attract fans of classic three-reel slot machines. While the bonus spins and multipliers provide entertainment value, the real pleasure of Triple Red Hot 777 Slot is the straightforward, familiar gameplay that will appeal to slot players of all ages.

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