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Very few ancient wars have modern day expressions which come from them. The ‘Trojan Horse’ from the battle of Troy is one of those. This is a 5 reel, 4 row video slot from IGT, which announces that ‘your odyssey begins’ before you start to spin. The question I will answer here is; is this odyssey worth pursuing via this online slot?

While the slot is quite complex and busy when you first look at it, it does show a couple of signs of age. Plain coffee coloured backgrounds to the reels, and the way that the graphics are built are muted compared to the more up to date transparent reeled look. The background shows an ancient city and the symbols are thoughtfully designed too.  These are a mix of people (the infamous Helen of Troy is the top paying symbol), swords, helmets and playing card symbols – which have embellishments like pots and rings to keep them tied in with the theme. There are occasional pieces of dramatic music, especially when you hit a big win.


Playing Treasures of Troy

There is an unusual aspect to the setup for this slot. You choose to play up top 40 win-lines, and also the 1024 all-ways wins system. The 1024 ways is all the combinations from the left hand reel. This means that if you hit 3+ symbols on consecutive reels from the left, that they must be a win (cannot have ‘missed’ a win-line). You can bet either the lines, 1024 ways – or choose both from 80c per spin. If you play both, then wins are calculated separately, and you’ll receive both!

The top prize is worth 5000 coins (for the 40 line system); this is 5 Helen of Troy symbols on a line. The breaded guy comes next at 2000 for 5, though you’ll get payments for 3+ of any symbol. Next cones the helmeted warrior (1000 for 5), then the helmet and sword (500) – playing card symbols make up the smaller wins.

You will find 2 special symbols on the reels. These are the wild symbol, which is the Treasures of Troy logo, and the Trojan horse. You will not see the horses too often. These only appear on the 3rd reel. When you hit 2+, the free spins bonus game is triggered. You will get 10 spins for 2, 15 spins for 3 and 20 spins for 4.

Bonus Game for Treasures of Troy

You’ll go to a brand new view of the reels when you hit the bonus game. The symbols look different too, and are now against dark background with a blue frame. The spins play through pretty quickly, and you’ll see your slot moneyaccumulating at the top right of the reels.

One of the features of this bonus round is that you can retrigger the spins, winning anything up to 120 spins each time. This happens when the slightly different Trojan horse symbol lands 2+ in the middle reel. Dramatic and up-tempo music which sounds like it was made for a movie soundtrack plays while the bonus game is ongoing. With some luck, you’ll be facing the big win animation when you return to the main game.

Summary for Treasures of Troy

This slot is certainly dramatic, and I enjoyed the game despite the slightly older look and feel to the game. It has a way of being quiet for a while, then exploding into life with movie-style backing music as you hit a bigger win. The main reason to play is the possibility of a long and profitable free spins bonus round. While your luck may vary, I found that retriggers were common, and the wins added up nicely during these bonuses. There is nothing too special going on with the reels, though at least the change of scene keeps the slot from getting repetitive. This is a solid slot, and with historical themes very popular, I would not be surprised to see it pick up a lot of fans.

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