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If you have not heard of the movie ‘Top Gun’ and have not watched it, you have missed out on one of the best movies of Hollywood. Top Gun is an 80’s movie starring Tom Cruise who was not-so-much of a superstar at that point of time. But what captured the imaginations of fans around the world is the depiction of a hot-headed fighter pilot who refuses to lose and the sleek flying machines that everyone wishes to get a chance to ride in at least once in their lives. The Top Gun slots game is based on the movie ‘Top Gun’ and it is a good choice by the developers of the game because even after so many years, the movie’s popularity can work in favor of the game.

Top Gun in the Game

This game has been developed by IGT, one of the best slots manufacturers in the industry. As soon as you launch this slots game, you will know that it is themed on the movie ‘Top Gun’ as all the elements that define the movie are present there. The sleek fighter jets like the MIGs and M14s, as well as popular characters like Goose, Ice Man, and the ever-charming Maverick make an appearance on the reels of the slots as symbols. Even the bonus rounds stay true to the theme of the movie.

About Top Gun Slots

The Top Gun slots game is a five reel game with twenty paylines. One of the attractive features of this game is that it is affordable to everyone. The bets can range from $0.01 and can go up to $1000. Quite fittingly, the wild symbol is the Top Gun logo and the scatter symbol is the F14 fighter jet. In the jackpot, you have a chance to win 10,000 coins at once which is quite an amazing prospect. Consequently, the money jackpot will also be 10,000 times the value of the coin that you used for that particular bet.

Bonus Feature

As mentioned earlier, the scatter symbol, the F14 jet, will trigger the bonus round. Whenever the symbol appears on screen, you are awarded free spins. The number of free spins varies on the number of times the scatter symbol appears. To activate the bonus round, three scatter symbols must appear on the reels at once. Also, the scatter and wild symbols will not have their advantages when the bonus round is ongoing. So, you will have to make do with the symbols that you have on screen and match them to win the bonus round. This is slightly disappointing as many slots offer the wild symbol at least in the bonus round. But that’s the way this game is.

Top Gun: The Movie

The Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise made it to the headlines a number of times for its remarkable success in Hollywood. The openening weekened grossed more than $8,000,000, which is impressive considering it was the mid 80’s.

The movie shows how a naval aviator goes through the training and overcomes personal as well as emotional obstacles. The aviator ends up shooting down several enemy fighter jets in an aerial dog fight. Tom Cruise plays the role of the lead protagonist, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. With his RIO (radio interpret officer), Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw played by Anthony Edwards, they enroll in a competition that wants to find out the best fighter pilot in the country, called the ‘Top Gun’. In a tragic turn of events, Goose dies in a training accident and Maverick suffers from confidence issues. The movie is all about how Maverick manages to overcome these issues to become the best fighter pilot in the country. It showcases the human side of the soldiers and how they go through emotional turmoil even though they look cold as steel on the outside.

The movie ‘Top Gun’ received a number of awards in several different categories. Some of the awards that it got were Academy Award (1987), ASCAP Film and Television Music Award (1987), Apex Scroll Award (1986), Golden Globe (1987), Golden Screen (1987), and Grammy Awards (1987) among others.

Even if you are not a fan of the Top Gun movie of Tom Cruise, you will definitely like Top Gun Slots as it is a game that offers a lot of opportunities to win big as a gambler. You should definitely try it out once before taking a call on whether to continue playing it or not.

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