The Hangover Slots Machine

IGT or International Game Technology has the reputation of being one of the leading manufacturers of slot games. The company has managed to create slot games in every possible theme and one of its latest offerings is the movie-themed slot, The Hangover slots.

As you might already know, Hangover is a very famous comedy movie that was a blockbuster hit in Hollywood and around the world. The fan following for this movie is widespread and across all age groups. So, it is no surprise that IGT chose to create this game.

Another important factor that you should consider is that the theme of the movie offered the manufacturers a few creative ideas as to how it can be adopted into the slot game format. For example, some parts of the movie are filmed in a casino. So, that has given IGT the liberty to add these features prominently in the slot game.

Mr. Chow: The Guide

In the movie Hangover, you will know the character – Mr. Chow. He is the gang leader, who abducts one of the main characters in the movie. This person makes an appearance in the slots game as well. But here, Mr. Chow is your motivator and guide in the Hangover slots game. When you make a good bet, Mr. Chow will give your words of encouragement. However, if you lower the bet or appear miserly in your bet, you must be prepared to hear some hard words from Mr. Chow. The voiced guide system of Mr. Chow is funny and instructive, in a way of its own. Players will surely like it, especially if they are a fan of the Hangover franchise.

Betting on Hangover Slots

IGT has introduced a new and revolutionary user interface that it calls as the ‘Multiplay’ interface. The advantage of this interface is that you can play the game on multiple screens at the same time. You might be wondering how much it might cost you to play at all screens at once. Surprisingly, the minimum betting amount is very much affordable. For a single screen bet, you only need 50 cents. If you want to play on all four screens, every spin will cost you 4 dollars.

Before you make any assumptions, do note that playing on all four screens at once is very much an advantage for you. You increase your chances of landing a bonus round for yourself, which is very rewarding. Also, each of the four screens on the interface has five reels with thirty paylines to play with.

Four Progressive Bonuses

IGT is known for slots with multiple bonus games. Hangover slots give you the opportunity to play four different types of bonuses. Mentioned below is a brief overview of each of them.

Wedding Chapel Bonus: This bonus round is created based on the wedding scene of the movie. You get to choose different boxes on the screen, and each box clicked will uncover a new icon. Matching icons give you winning payouts.

Stu’s Progressive Pick: If you remember the scene, where Stu loses one of his teeth, ‘Stu’s progressive pick’ is where you will get to see the scene adapted in the slots game. You can earn many credits in this round of the game.

Stun Gun Bonus: In the movie, there is a scene where the cops use the main characters as subjects, to demonstrate the usage of stun guns to school kids, as a part of an educational program. The stun gun bonus is based on this scene. In this round, you have to hit the stun button repeatedly. This will earn you credits.

Villa Bonus: In this progressive bonus feature, you are in a scenario similar to the chapel bonus. The only difference is that you will be responsible for selecting the rooms of a villa. Each room will give you a different type of gift.

About The Hangover Movie

The Hangover franchise is very popular for its theme. It stars Bradley CooperZach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Heather Graham, Justin Bartha, and Jeffrey Tambor among others. In this movie, from a group of three friends, one person decides to get married. The other two friends, along with the bride’s brother, decide to throw the groom-to-be a party, and they head to Las Vegas. It is here that everything goes wrong. In an inebriated state, the groom goes missing, while the friends go on an intensive search, which will take them through a series of adventures. What unravels in the rest of the movie is a series of unfortunate events that entertains the audience. There are two movies in this franchise. In the first movie, it is Doug who is getting married, while in the second, it is Stu’s turn to get married.

The Hangover is a successful movie, and has also won quite a few awards. It has won the American Cinema Editors Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, American Film Institute Awards, MTV Movie Awards for Best Comedic Performance and Best Villain, and The Golden Globe Awards, among others.

The Hangover slot game from IGT is a very enjoyable slots game, especially if you are a fan of the Hangover movie franchise. The revolutionary new interface that IGT has introduced, only manages to make your game play experience all the more enjoyable. There are a number of opportunities to ensure that you win good money while playing this slots game. Fans of the movie must try this game by IGT.

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