Free Super Times Pay Slot

I have never seen a 3 reel slot with a pay table covering 3 pages, including several complicated combos. This is a good thing – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win. Some of the prizes are pretty big too.

When you first see the Super Times Pay slot from IGT, it looks like any other traditional slot with the bars and sevens dominating the symbols.

It is only when you start spinning that the extras become apparent. These start with symbols with the word ‘Super’ on them, which can trigger the free spins bonus game. You will also notice 5 win-lines instead of the usual single one, and special symbols with between 2x and 5x on them (which are stacked on the middle reel) which can trigger some extra wins.


How to Win on IGT’s Slots Machine Super Times Pay

Although the traditional slot symbols are the main visual aspect of this slot, the biggest wins come from the multiplier symbols. These are stacked on the middle reels, covering all 3 positions. This means that with some other multipliers in the first and last reels, you could end up with several big win combinations at the same time.

The biggest single win is 10,000 coins. This is on the 5th win line (an encouragement to play all 5 lines with every spin) and is triggered by a 2x on the first and third reels and a 5x in the middle reel. There is 8000 for the same combo on the 4th reel, 7000 for the 3rd and so on down to 5000 for the first win-line. There are other wins involving the multipliers in different combinations, the best of these being 2000 coins for a 2x / 4x / 2x combo.

Adding some interest to the game, these multiplier symbols are also wild – they substitute for any of the 7’s or Bars to make up wins – at the same time as multiplying the prize by the multiplier amount written on the symbol.

By comparison, the wins for the regular symbols seem pretty small. There are 50 coins available for 3 of the red sevens. 40 for the purple sevens and 30 for 3 of the 3 bars – the 2 and 1 bars and then mixes of sevens / mixes of bars make up the smaller wins. Remember that 5 win-lines means more winning combinations than most other 3 reel slots – though of course you’ll pay 5 coins to spin each time.

There are 3 symbols with the word ‘super’ written on them. When you get all 3 of these anywhere on the grid at the same time you will trigger a bonus game of 10 free spins. The symbols and game-play is the same as in the main game for this. The main difference (other than getting to enjoy the spins without cost!) is that any wins accumulating are doubled. This puts the top prize from 10,000 coins up to 20,000. The spins game can be extended if you hit all 3 of the special symbols once again.

How Super Times Pay Works

You have a choice of between 1 and 5 coins per spin for this slot – each one adding an additional win-line. 5 did make the slot more exciting, and made the best use of the stacked multiplier symbols in the middle reel when that appeared.

Once you hit the spin button the sounds and graphics both have a much older feel to them compared to the features. This includes a crazy sounding bleeping ‘tune’ when the reels spin that fans of early IGT slots will be familiar with. There is nothing special about the designs of the symbols, though I will complement the slight wobbles of the reels as they land – which does recreate the original mechanical games quite well. When you hit wins colored lines will appear over the reels to show you where they are located. A big win will trigger a separate graphic, with the amount shown in the middle of the screen.

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