Free Stinkin’ Rich Slots

Stinkin’ Rich is a video reel slot game created by International Game Technology (IGT). With the Stinkin’ Rich Slots the company has once again brought an exciting slot game to casino floors. Though the game is only available in land-based casinos as of now, we hope there will soon be an  Android and iOS compatible version.

Stinkin’ Rich is a five-reel, 100 payline machine, which gives you great odds while playing. The theme is hilariously based on a skunk, putting a pun on the general phrase describing those with amassed wealth. The theme-based symbols and fun bonus rounds add to the general thrill of the slot game.


How to Play Stinkin’ Rich Slots

The game dynamics are rather straightforward. Stinkin’ Rich slots follows a five-reel, 100 payline system, giving players multiple opportunities to place bets and earn well. The potential payouts of the game make its name quite befitting. Players can choose to play with single or multiple denominations. The game itself is appealing to penny slot players.

The game incorporates various bonus systems. The Trash for Cash bonus round is especially engaging because it involves the players by making them choose between symbols to unlock specific multipliers. The game also uses free spins to hand out additional credits to players. The ‘rich old lady’ symbol is the one to look out for. If players land five of them in a single payline, they take home a top award that amounts to 10,000 credits times the line bet.

Bonus Feature: Trash for Cash

The ‘trash for cash’ feature presents players with opportunity to unlock different multipliers on the game device. The round begins when a player lands a ‘trash for cash’ playing symbol on the third, fourth or fifth reel. Once the round is triggered, players will face three of these symbols, and will have to choose any one.

The multiplier could be anywhere between two and five. Once the can is picked out, the values behind the other two symbols is also shown. At the end of the round, the machine adds up the values, and multiplies the player’s score by it. The payouts are generally anywhere between six and 40 times the amount that was bet. This indicates that players who bet larger amounts have better chances of earning more credit points on single spins.

Bonus Rounds: Keys to Riches

The free spins feature is called ‘keys to riches’. The bonus is triggered when a player lands three of the ‘keys to riches’ symbols on a single payline. How much a player earns from the free games depends on the number of lines that pass through the various bonus initiators.

When the round begins, the device automatically starts the game with distinctive reel symbols. The different symbols give players a change in flavor, especially since slots can be played for a good few hours at a time. What players make on these rounds depends on the combinations that they land in each spin.

The accumulated value during the entirety of the spin feature is added to the players’ credits once the rounds are over. The round lasts as long as there are free spins remaining, or until the player reaches the 325 spins mark. The machine discontinues the free spins bonus feature once a player has played 325 continuous free spins.

Android, iOS and Mobile Compatibility

The game is not available on any mobile or Internet platform yet. However, players do wish to see it online, and hope that IGT will soon develop  a mobile version of the game.

General Reaction to Stinkin’ Rich Slots

The Stinkin’ Rich, or Bombay, slot game has quite a positive outlook to it. Players quite enjoy the free spin feature, as it allows them to play for a longer time, with great chances of large payouts. The numerous hits and hefty credit payouts make the game attractive to slot players worldwide.

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