Silent Movie Slot Machine
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Produced by IGT and distributed by NYX Gaming Group, Silent Movie Slot brings black-and-white silent film imagery and a pianola soundtrack to the familiar 5-reel 30-payline slot game design.

These stylized visuals and integrated creative bonus games give it an entertaining edge over standard online slot games.

Silent Movie slot game is available for free or paid gameplay on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

How to Play The Silent Movie Slot Game

The player begins with a $1000 balance. All 30 paylines are in play so the only customization the player can make is by adjusting the line bet, available in $1 to $300 amounts. Depending on the desired speed of gameplay, one can easily choose between a single spin or 10 to 50 autospins.

The reel symbols on this slot machine are based around silent film iconography as well as the game’s bonus rounds. Filmmaking images like a camera, clapboard, megaphone, film can and director’s chair have the lowest payouts, while the character icons of Mabel, Keystone Kop, Man in the Moon and Dr. Jekyll pay higher. A wild card symbol enables easier winnings, while the bonus symbols help lead to bonus games but don’t help win other payouts.

Though lining up Dr. Jekyll icons from left to right brings the highest regular game payouts, and landing wild card symbols in the middle of the reels can result in multiple wins, the real key to big winnings is through the bonus games.

The bonus game in Silent Movie slot are ticket symbols run only on the second and third reels. If the tickets show up on both of those reels, the fourth reel lights up and the background music changes, building anticipation. If one of four bonus game images then appears anywhere on the fourth reel, that particular bonus game begins.

The Bonus Games & Concept of Theme

In the thirty years before the technical and financial success of The Jazz Singer film in 1927, moving pictures were produced and exhibited without built-in sound. Films were either viewed in small personal nickelodeon devices or projected in theaters and accompanied by a live pianist.

Rather than celebrating famous or familiar silent film titles and performers, the Silent Movie slot game seems to feature only works available in the public domain, likely for budgetary reasons. So rather than seeing Chaplin, Keaton or Fairbanks on the slot reels, one gets James Cruze and Ford Sterling.

The first bonus game, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is inspired not by the more famous 1920 John Barrymore feature-length film, but instead by the lesser-seen 1912 short film starring James Cruze. After a short film clip of the doctor transforming into the murderer, the player is taken to a screen to select from one of three booths, resulting in either three, four, or six guaranteed winning spins. This means the reels spin until they hit winning combinations. All wins here earn a 3x multiplier. Like the rest of the bonus games, the player can win additional spins by lining up three bonus symbols.

The second bonus game, A Trip to the Moon, contains the most familiar visual in this slot game. Inspired by the famous 1902 Georges Méliès science fiction film, Le Voyage Dans la Lune (aka A Trip to the Moon), the game features the iconic image of a space shuttle stuck in the Man in the Moon’s eye. Like the other bonus games, the player watches a film clip, then gets to choose from one of three booths. In this instance, between 10 and 15 bonus spins are up for grabs. Unlike the Dr. Jekyll game, these are not guaranteed win spins. But this game does feature extra wild card symbols to help the player earn more winning combinations.

The third bonus game, A Muddy Romance, is based on one of actor-director-producer Mabel Normand’s lesser-known slapstick romantic one-reel comedies. Again, a film clip and the choice of one of three booths precede the bonus game. For A Muddy Romance, one can earn between 6 and 12 free spins. The highlight of this game is the scatter payout. The more times Mabel appears anywhere on the five reels, the higher the payout increases.

The fourth bonus game focuses not so much on a silent movie, but on The Keystone Kops, a bumbling dopey police force featured in dozens of Mack Sennett short comedies during the 1910s. The player automatically gets 10 free spins, but chooses between booths to obtain a winning multiplier between 2x and 5x. The multiplier then doubles after the fifth free spin enabling larger wins.

These four bonus games are the best route to big payouts in the Silent Movie Slot game, especially if one draws additional bonus spins. The Dr. Jekyll game in particular can deliver impressive results with its guaranteed 3x win spins.

Overall Experience

Though the player piano soundtrack charms at first, most players will likely want to turn the sound off after a few minutes as the repetitive music grows tiresome. It’s also a shame that the player is unable to choose how many paylines to play, and is instead locked into playing 30 lines. This makes the game short on customization and forces a high minimum $30 bet on the player.

The game’s highlights help it entertain regardless of its flaws. Despite its mostly unfamiliar film visuals, Silent Movie Slot looks great in its crisp black-and-white design. Its five-reel setup allows for many more winning combinations than one will find with three-reel slot machines. But the game shines brightest during its bonus games, providing actual silent film clips as well as many more winning opportunities.

Between its unique look and enjoyable gameplay, the Silent Movie Slot game will entertain not only frequent slot players, but may also have crossover appeal to older, more casual slot enthusiasts who want a classier look with a little less flash to their game.

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