Shamrockers Eire to Rock

Shamrockers Eire to Rock Slots is a 5-reel, 20 payline game from IGT based on two of the most hardcore things in the world: rock-n-roll and Ireland. The music on the Shamrockers Slots is Irish-themed guitar rock. It’s not like theme music you’ll hear on any other slot machine. Shamrockers has scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus games, and free spins. Its top jackpot is 500 coins-per-coin wagered.

This is a classic low jackpot game from International Game Technology. It comes with enough bonus features to provide the necessary excitement. For those who like action, Shamrockers supplies a good show and plenty of coins.

Reel Symbols

The reel symbols on Shamrockers Eire to Rock are based on the band in question. The Shamrockers might appear familiar to players, as they’re taken from a variety of rock influences. The lead singer has Elvis Presley hair, though it’s a bright orange pompadour he sports. The singer also has a hipster beard, a pot belly, and a shamrock-lined vest.

The lead guitarist is a bit like Slash from Guns ‘N Roses, if he wore a leprechaun’s hat. He also sports a jacket that looks like something a member of the British garage band, The Libertines, would wear. The fiddle player looks like a bald leprechaun with a long beard and bushy eyebrows to match. He wears a jester’s pants. The female drummer sports leather pants, her own pompadour, and lots of piercings.

Most of the other reel symbols are standard, with aces, kings, queens, jacks, and tens added into the mix. A shamrock and a “Admit One” bonus icon are included, too. The graphics on Shamrockers Eire to Rock are excellent.

Shamrockers Payouts

The singer is worth 500x the original bet. The guitarist is worth 250x the initial bet, while the drummer is worth 100x the bet. Finally, the fiddler is worth a solid 75x the initial bet.

Free Spin Bonus

When enough “Admit One” scatter symbols appear on the screen, the free spin bonus is triggered. The basic free spin bonus is 4 free spins, though more spins are easy to trigger.

Dynamic Stacks

The Dynamic Stacks feature offers a massive stacks of symbols during the bonus phase. This offers bigger payouts and a lot more volatility. This is what many slot designers call “stacking wild symbols”. The dynamic stacks happen when one of the Shamrockers appears on the screen in great numbers. The reel fills with the rocker’s image and huge numbers of coins are collected.

The stacked symbols are the key to this game. Though the bonus game comes and goes quickly, you can tally a lot of coins in a few spins.

Shamrock Wild Symbol

The Shamrock is the wild symbol on the game. It substitutes for any symbol, except for the Admit One scatter icon. This increases the number of winning combinations on the game.

VIP Encore Symbol

During the free spin bonus game, a VIP Encore pass icon acts as an “Encore Symbol”, meaning re-triggers of free spins happen at a high rate. You only need one encore symbol to trigger +4 spins. Add all these factors together and players often win thousands of coins during one bonus game.

The encore free spin re-trigger mechanism tops-out at 240 free spins. That’s a high maximum, though, and the fact IGT sets the max free spins so high should give you an idea of how many free spins are available. When you hit the bonus game, expect to spend more than four spins in that mode.

Coin Denominations

Players can play between 20 paylines at a time, along with 1 to 5 coins wagered by coin. The bets for line range between 1 and 100 coins, allowing you to wager 2000 coins at a time. The top payout is therefore 100,000 coins.

IGT released the theoretical return-to-player (RTP) on this game and it hovers between 92.19% and 96.20%. If you find the right online casino, the expected return on Shamrockers Eire to Rock Slots is among the best in the business.


This is a fun online slot machine with great graphics, entertaining sounds, and a volatile game mechanic. The dynamic stacks and VIP encore symbols provides a lot of volatility, which should provide excitement to most online and mobile slots players. ‘


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