Phantom of the Opera Slots

Not only is the Phantom of the Opera the  longest running Broadway show of all time – it is now also a movie. With its dark atmosphere and plenty of unique angles for bonus game, the Phantom is the ideal subject for an interactive video slot. I should note that this review covers the amazing live casino game from IGT – and not the older RealTime Gaming slot of the same name.

There are plenty of good reasons to play, including progressive jackpots, multiple break out bonus games and some unique on-reel features too. You’ll find this game in a tall cabinet, with the reels on the lower screen and bonus games plus graphics appearing on the longer upper screen. The gold frame is very baroque, and the sound effects and clips add to the atmosphere. This review covers the main ways to win (focusing on the excellent bonus games), then the setup of the game with some background information on the infamous Phantom of the Opera at the end of the page.

How to Win on IGT’s Slots Machine The Phantom of the Opera

Like many recent IGT slots, the focus is on the bonus games. While you can still win plenty of coins in the traditional way (lining up symbols from the left hand side of the reels), your main wins will come from the bonuses. There are 3 different break out bonuses, with the ‘Masterpiece’ bonus the most striking / unique of them.

Bonuses are awarded at random in a pick-em game where you touch one of 3 mirrors. When you hit the Masterpiece game, the first thing to do is pick again – this time one of 3 red scoresheets for different songs. This awards a number of picks for the main game. Here you will see 3 keyboards across the reels, along with a progress bar at the top of them. You choose a keyboard, which plays a spooky tune, adding credits to your win. The progress bar has a slider which moves along depending on how long each song plays for. You can hit milestones with extra picks, multipliers or envelopes which award cash or picks at random. With a few extra picks it is possible to get a large bonus win from this game.

The 2nd bonus involves choosing opera masks from a colorful array. Each mask has one or more characters from the show, which shoot upwards and land next to different jackpot amounts. When you hit 3 of one character, this is the amount you win.

Don Juan gets a bonus of his own, which involves free spins (based on stage lights going out) with extra wild symbols appearing on the screen. It is possible to get a large number of these wilds, making this another potentially profitable bonus game.

On-Reel Bonuses

There are other bonuses which are triggered on the reels. The music box bonus is the most distinctive of these. This is triggered by a special icon on the 5th reel, and involves cranking a handle to win credits. You have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot via this bonus game too.

The other notable on-reel feature are wilds, which appear at random out of envelopes when you play. This can add a lot of winning combinations from a single spin.

How the IGT Phantom of the Opera Slot Works

Like many of the amazing interactive slots from IGT, the heart of the game is a standard 5 reel, 3 row, 30 win-line setup. You can spin from 50c and up, which includes all the bonus features and a shot at the progressive jackpot.

Small touches like the animated clips inside the symbols make a big difference – I recommend you look out for the phantom himself when you play. The warm and velvety, yet sinister voice over is very professionally done too. You’ll find the clip for when the music box lands to be almost spine-tingling.

One thing to note is that the progressive jackpot is on the smaller side. This is seeded at $500, though can go into 4-figures. On the plus side, smaller jackpots pay out more often – and that $500 could mean a lot more play!

Overall Experience

This is a quality slot with some unique bonus games and plenty of ways to grab yourself a mid-sized win. The balance between clips and play is good, the slot gives a brooding and sinister atmosphere at the same time as being thoroughly entertaining. The Masterpiece bonus game is unlike anything I have experienced after playing 100’s of slots. I recommend you take this game for a spin soon!

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