Free Noah’s Ark Slots

The reels of this game are made to look like the sides of a wooden arc. Animals peep out from windows, and true to the original story they are sometimes two-by-two. Not only is this the only slot I know of which was based on a story from the Bible, it is one of the only ones where you can get a 10-of-a-kind win (with 5 of the paired animals).

Add into the mix an entertaining bonus round where it pours with rain, and the light hearted sound effects and visuals, and you’ll find Noah’s Ark is an entertaining and enjoyable slot. As you would expect from a game created by IGT, the animations and smooth game-play combine to make a top-quality game.


How to Win on IGT’s Slots Machine Noah’s Ark

Winning on this slot is more complicated than usual – thanks to the chance of getting anywhere from 3 of a kind to 10 of a kind on a single win line. The biggest prize is a generous 10,000 times you line bet. This is for 5 of the ark symbols on a win-line. These symbols are wild, substituting for any of the animals (though not the doves, see below for more on those). When you get a wild involved in a win, it will count as a double animal – giving you more chances of getting 7+ of a kind for the bigger payouts.

There are different animals for the rain soaked bonus round – first of all here are the top payouts for the dry part of the game. Lions are the biggest prize animal, paying 2500 times your line bet for 10 of a kind, 1000 for 9, 500 for 8 all the way down to 10x for just 3. The other animals all have the same payouts, with 1000 for 10, 800 for 9, 500 for 8 all the way down to 10 for just 3. These are the hippo, elephant, camel and turtle. There are also the brightly colored playing card symbols. These only come one at a time, and have a top payout of 200 times your line bet for 5 of the aces.

Doves (holding an olive branch) also come either as singles or doubles. These are scatter symbols and will trigger either 5 or 10 free spins – 5 for 5+ doves and 10 for 6+ doves. If you get 4 doves you do not trigger the free spins, though you do get 2x your total bet as a cash prize.

Once the free spins kicks in you get a graphic with a lightning storm and an ark going past. This is replaced by the reels with a heavy rainstorm over the top. On top of the reels is a row of animals with umbrellas. Each time the reels stop they put away their umbrellas and peer over to see what wins have arrived.

There are different animals on the reels during the raining free spins game. The top animal is now the giraffe, which is worth 2500 times your line bet for 5. The other animals are a ram, zebra, bird and a goofy looking crocodile. Again these have the same prize, with 1000 for 10 of a kind down to 10 times your line bet for 3 of a kind.

You will see a total of your free spins win accumulate below the reels – and with any luck you will be greeted with a ‘big win’ sequence when you return to the main game.

How the Noah’s Ark Slot Works

The base of Noah’s Ark is a 5 reel video slot machine with 3 rows of symbols on each reel. There are a total of 30 win-lines crossing from the left to right, and you’ll need 3+ symbols (accounting for doubles) to trigger a win. The win-lines are fixed, though you will have the flexibility to adjust your line bet amount from 1c and up.

Graphics are cartoon-like and colorful. Each of the animals has an animation for when it is involved in a win – along with simple sound effects. Even the playing card symbols add a ‘boing’ sound effect to keep the light-hearted feeling going.

It is not always clear how many animals are involved in each win. IGT have thought of this, and included some text under the reels – for example ‘6 Camel Win’ – so you know where you stand.

The free spins found feels different enough from the main game to keep you engaged. The background noises change from standard IGT computerized bleeps to an entertaining jolly tune for this. Those animated animals on top of the reels also add a bit of humor.

Overall Experience

Gambling and the Bible have been put together with good humor to create an entertaining slot. The two-by-two theme is what makes this game stand out for me. Animations and the possibility of 10 of a kind wins coming together on the same set of reels. The free spins rainy setting changes the game up enough to keep it fresh too. I recommend you take the Ark for a ride yourself!

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