Monopoly: You’re in the Money Slots

When it comes to board games there aren’t many that are as well-known as Monopoly, the popular trading game. The game has seen countless different themes throughout the years, but the basic premise of the game has remained true since it first appeared in 1933. The game has seen a number of spin-offs in recent years, including children’s versions of the game and card games – this also extending to gambling and slots.  There are a number of Monopoly based games in the online casino industry, but this is perhaps the one that comes closest to the original idea as the bonus round takes place on a traditional monopoly board.

The game takes place against the backdrop of a number of golden high rise buildings, the reels appearing on a silver contraption looking much like an old style jukebox. The symbols are simply drawn and represent many traditional aspects of the game, including the popular playing icons such as the hat and the dog, houses and hotels and symbols like the water works and the electric company. Mr. Monopoly makes an appearance too, adding a fun aspect to the game, while all the time a jolly version of ‘You’re in the Money’ plays along.


Playing Monopoly You’re in the Money Slot

Despite the Monopoly theme, this is something of a standard five reel game with a fixed number of 30 win lines – although you’ll choose the coin size of course. Wins will come when you land three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line, with the largest prizes coming when landing five in a row.

The monopoly wild symbol is the highest paying in the game, giving you a win of 1,000 coins for five in a row – although this symbol might be more valuable perhaps as the wild, where it will substitute for any other symbol apart from the bonus one. The hotels and the houses pay 750 and 500 respectively, the utility and the station symbols all pay 150 coins, while the playing tokens pay 100 coins.

Mr. Monopoly plays a big part at the slot by making the occasional random appearance. He will come along and use his magic wand to turn an entire reel wild, giving a number of additional wins. He may not just stop at one reel however and multiple reels of wilds normally results in multiple big wins!

The final symbol is the board bonus one which only appears on reels one, three and five. Should it land on each of the three reels you’ll enter the bonus round – which to all intents and purposes is the highlight of the entire game.

Monopoly You’re in the Money Feature Round

Having entered the feature you’ll be asked to choose one of eight tokens which you’ll now move around the very traditional monopoly board. The only spaces you’ll want to avoid are the income tax, the luxury tax and the Just visiting spaces – each of these not actually awarding you a win. However every other space gives you a chance of cashing in.

If you land on a utility space, you’ll roll two dice to find your reward, while landing on a railroad advances you to the next one and gives you a free roll. The free parking space gives a free roll, while landing on go will give you a 200 coin win. The chance and the community card chest add a random element to the game, just like real life Monopoly – so just wait and see what the cards bring. Going to jail isn’t even a bad thing; as if you roll a pair you’ll win 300 coins.

However, it’s when landing on the properties that the game becomes most interesting. You’ll bring up a mini three reel slot featuring houses, hotels, dice and a wild. A pay table will appear underneath the reels, the winning amounts increasing as you move around the board, in line with the rent amount increases in the board game.

Monopoly You’re in the Money Conclusion

The base gameplay at this slot is good, but let’s not beat around the bush here; this game is all about the bonus round – and what a bonus round it is! If you are a fan of Monopoly you’ll be completely drawn in, but even if you’ve never played the game, the variety of this bonus feature will have you playing again and again.

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