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The game of Monopoly first appeared in 1933 when Parker Brothers picked up on an idea that was originally patented by Lizzie J. Magie Phillips thirty years earlier. Monopoly involves players moving around the game board based upon the outcome of two dice and buying and trading properties, building houses and hotels and collecting rent from their opponents. The basic game has remained true throughout the years, although there have been countless different themes for the game, Monopoly still going from strength to strength.  The game has also seen many spin offs, including card games, junior versions of the game and video games. Online casinos have also got in on the act, with many Monopoly based games available – IGT producing this game based upon the riches Monopoly can bring you!

If you’ve ever played monopoly you’ll be familiar with the look of the game immediately. The background screen shows a 3D version of the familiar board, with hotels rising in the background. The reels show a combination of the tokens used in play, such as the hat, the ship and the dog with their trademark metal look. These are joined by Mr. Monopoly (Uncle Pennybags) enjoying the high life – he’s sat behind the wheel of a fast car, he’s the captain of a ship and perhaps most pertinently, he is also sat behind a large pile of chips at a casino.

This slot makes use of the free fall feature. When you achieve any win, the winning symbols will disappear and the symbols from above will now fall into their place – any empty spaces at the top the slot will see new symbols appear. Should you now achieve another win based upon the new positioning of the symbols; these will again disappear, continuing until you have no more wins – all these wins for the cost of just one spin.

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Playing Monopoly Dream Life

The slot is something of a standard five reel game, this with a set number of 20 win lines. The only choice you’ll make when playing is the line bet size, which you’ll multiply by the 20 win lines to give you your total real money stake for each spin.

Wins are achieved by landing three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line. Mr. Monopoly gives the highest wins, with a 5,000 coin win being paid out if you land the moustachioed figure on the red carpet five times in a row. Mr. Monopoly at the casino, in the car and captaining the ship pay out 1,000, 500 and 300 coins respectively for five. The tokens make up the rest of the standard symbols.

The money bags symbol on the reels is the wild and will substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the bonus symbol.  This bonus symbol only appears on the first three reels, but should it appear on each of these you’ll enter the feature of the game – a free spins round.

Features in Monopoly Dream Life

Upon activating the feature you’ll enter a lift which will go all the way to the top floor and sees you meeting with Mr. Monopoly himself. Face down on the desk in front of him is a series of monopoly cards, the number of free spins attached to each of the cards shown on a screen above. You’ll pick the cards one at a time and you’ll choose to keep or discard them. You are allowed two discards and you’ll keep four – the total from the four added to give your number of free spins. Should you pick two cards of the same colour you’ll earn additional spins. The free spins themselves sees additional stacked wilds added to the reels to give a greater number of wins.

Monopoly Dream Life Conclusion

Any game based upon the much loved Monopoly franchise is sure to put a smile on your face and this slot by IGT is no different. The familiarity of the game is appealing, Mr. Monopoly himself giving the slot a fun, amusing air. The gameplay, with the free fall feature and the interactive free spins round gives the game something of a unique feel – meaning that it will remain fresh for longer.

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